How To Get To Bloodmoon Island

While Divinity: Original Sin 2 may not necessarily be an open world game, it does offer a lot of open-ended gameplay. This leads to a lot of non-linearity and not being very handed, which makes it pretty easy to get stuck on certain tasks. trouble with it, there are several solutions to its many obstacles. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to complete All in the Family and how to get to Bloodmoon Island so you can go through this quest.Note: If you haven’t already done so, you will need to complete Powerful Awakening to complete this quest.

How to complete the “All in the Family” Quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Step 1: Talk to Tarquin and Access the Code by Johanna Surrey

To start All in the Family, you’ll want to find Tarquin – who is standing outside the gates of Stonegarden. After he’s given you the quest, you’ll need to figure out how to get into Johanna Surrey’s crypt (which will be marked on your map) to get a special artifact. a character with 4+ Thievery performs a lock click on the door. However, if none of your characters are skilled thieves, you’ll need to get the Key of the Shadow Tomb from QannaSure you’ll have a character with Thievery decent enough to get a key from the source curator, or Convincing enough to convince her to just hand over the key to you – otherwise you’ll have to go to war quite difficult.

Step 2: Solve cryptographic puzzles

Once inside, you’ll need to go through a series of rooms to reach the artifact. In the first compartment, you just flip two switches. You’ll find switches when you get close to them – so if you’re having trouble locating them, just hug the walls and walk around.The second chamber is divided into two rooms – one with a pressure panel and one with a mahogany. It sounds empty at first, but you need to set puzzles before you can progress. Read more: how to woo a gem woman in bed from completing the powerful Awakening quest). Three ethereal levers will appear on the wall.Divinity & colon; Original Sin 2 - How to Get to Blood Moon Island and Complete All Family QuestsYou then have to send one of your team members into another room to stand on the pressure plate. While they won’t trigger any traps, they do do some damage, so you’ll want to pick one of your tougher companions for this job. To complete it, you need to pull the levers in the correct sequence. Each lever is attached to a specific element, and pulling a lever will flood the area around the pressure plate with its associated part. Your goal is to produce holy water, and you can do that by pulling the levers in the following order:Center > Left > RightOnce you’ve created a puddle of holy water, the coffin will tilt to one side, revealing a hatch leading to the treasure. Inside the treasure room you’ll find the artifact – or at least the first half of the artifact. However, you can break the fight by destroying all the statues in the chamber before touching the artifact.

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Step 3: Travel to Bloodmoon Island

When you return to Tarquin with the artifact, he will tell you that the remaining piece is on Bloodmoon Island. You need to go there and get it to complete the mission. But for those of you who haven’t joined yet, it can be a very difficult task to infiltrate the dead zone that surrounds the island. The first method requires you to have an Undead character in your party. Have them take the ferry across to Deathfog and activate the waypoint when they reach Bloodmoon Island. The rest of your party should be able to pass safely using waypoints. Read more: how to access star wars battlefront 2 beta The second method requires the skill Spirit Vision, which you will use to “repair” the Bloodmoon link bridge. Island to the rest of Reaper’s Coast.Divinity & colon; Original Sin 2 - How to Get to Blood Moon Island and Complete All Family QuestsWhile the two parts of the bridge remain unconnected, you can jump or teleport to move from one platform to another. You can move your entire party across the bridge, or you can send a character to activate a waypoint for the rest of your party.

Step 4: Find Other Objects

A fairly simple quest to find the second half of the artifact once you’ve reached Bloodmoon Island. In the northeast corner of the island is a trapdoor – however, you’ll need a character with enough Wits to spot it.Divinity & colon; Original Sin 2 - How to Get to Blood Moon Island and Complete All Family QuestsIf you have trouble finding the trapdoor, you can use the Peace of Mind skill to increase the character’s strength. You’ll need a character to pass the second Wits test to spot a hidden door between two of the bookshelves. Behind the door is the second artifact, then all you have to do is go back to Tarquin. If he’s not in front of Stonegarden, you’ll find him on Lady Vengeance. – With this guide, you should have no problems doing the All in the Family quest, nor should you have trouble navigating to the mysterious Bloodmoon Island. However, if you have any other solutions that I’ve missed, let me know!If you’re having trouble with quests or other aspects of the game’s progression, be sure to check out the rest of our Divinity: Original Sin 2 guide for more tips and tricks!Read more: how to paint a garage door with fiberglass

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