How To Get More Weapon Slots Botw

It won’t take long to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before you run out of space to pick up more weapons. This is easy enough to fix if you do a bit of work. Throughout Hyrule, there are creatures called koroks. When you find them, they will give you korok seed. You return these seeds to another korok named Hestu In exchange for an additional slot in one of your inventory categories. There are a total of 900 seeds in Breath of the Wild, but you only need to find 441 seeds to maximize your inventory.

How to expand your inventory

First, it should be clear that the only inventory you need to worry about is your weapon, bow, and shield. For other things, your outfits and ingredients will automatically expand, and there’s no way to expand your meal inventory. With that clarification, let’s talk about what you need to do. Read more: how to create mixes on soundcloud The actual process for expanding your inventory is simple enough. You exchange some korok seeds for a new slot. The cost of each placement will increase as you continue to expand your inventory (see the table above for the cost per placement count). The only thing is that Hestu doesn’t stay the same.

Find Hestu

There are three locations you will meet Hestu throughout the course of the game.zelda korok1 0011 Grade 1The first time you meet him, he will be along the road to the south of Kakariko Village. He will stay here until you upgrade your inventory twice. From there, he will move to Riverside stability. This barn is directly west of Kakariko Village next Wahgo Katta . Temple. After six more upgrades, Hestu will move to his final location. Korok Forrest for the rest of the game. You can use Keo Ruug Đền Temple to reach him for rapid expansion. Read more: how to turn your closet into a recording studio

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