How To Remove A Fan Clutch

You must determine how to loosen the fan clutch first.


The fan clutch is only fitted on rear-wheel drive cars because it connects to the water pump and faces the radiator while pulling air through the radiator fins when the engine is running. The fan clutch rotates freely while the engine cools and then kicks in when the engine warms up and needs fan assistance to keep the engine from overheating.

What’s wrong?

As with all automotive parts, they can be damaged by heat, usage, and engine vibration. When the fan clutch fails, it can do so by permanently spinning freely allowing the engine to overheat, or it can lock up causing a loud roar and reduced engine power.

How much it costs?

When replacing a car’s fan clutch at a garage or dealership, it can cost anywhere from $155.00 to $290.00 (US) depending on the car’s design and manufacturer. But when you do the work yourself with the help of our guide, you can buy a clutch fan from Amazon for between $36.00 and $155.00 (US). You’ll also need a special tool to remove this part if you don’t already have one, which will also cost around $20 from Amazon. Video of this work is done at the end of this tutorial.


1. Determine the nut size Each fan clutch will have its own mounting nut size, ranging from 22mm to 36mm depending on the application and manufacturer. You can also use a large adjustable wrench if you don’t have the proper tools. You may need to remove the fan cover to get the cooling fan. How to remove the fan clutch2. Hold the water pump pulley Read more: how to draw ink in easy step by step You must hold the water pump pulley to remove the fan clutch from the water pump. They make a special tool for this that you can get from Amazon for about $20.00 dollars, or you can rent a free tool from your local auto parts store. We lent our tool for this job and are waiting to return it so in the meantime we have this large pipe wrench that we can get into the pulley to hold it to unscrew. How to remove the fan clutchHere’s what the proper kit looks like to remove most fan clutches that cost around $80 on Amazon. You can also buy one specifically for your car for around $20.00 from Amazon. How to remove the fan clutch3. Removing the Fan Clutch Next, we fitted a large crescent wrench to the fan clutch nut. Then we hit it with a hammer to loosen the fan. If you are wondering how to loosen the fan nut (some are reverse threaded) it will always loosen in the same direction as the fan rotation when the motor is running. How to remove the fan clutchWhen the fan is loose, you just need to keep turning the fan in the same direction while watching the threads to make sure the clutch fan turns without the nut. If the nut won’t turn, use a wrench to help it along. Use your opposite hand to support the fan so it doesn’t hit the radiator and cause a leak when the fan is loose. That will take away the joy of work. The image below shows the two-hand removal method. How to remove the fan clutchRead more: how to turn off auto jump in minecraft | Top Q&A4. Fan clutch replacement There will be four to six 10mm bolts that will hold the actual clutch portion of the fan to the propeller itself. Remove these nuts and the clutch will not stick to the blade. After you have matched the old fan clutch to the new unit, reassemble it by mounting and tightening the nuts in a cross shape. Replacing the fan clutch After installing the new unit, gently slide the fan clutch down the front of the water pump, taking care not to contact the radiator or damage the plastic impeller. How to remove the fan clutchThe threads on the flange of the water pump are large and can be crossed easily, so we recommend that you start the fan nut by hand before using a wrench to tighten it. This will eliminate any changes that would damage the threads in which case the water pump would need to be replaced. Stabilize the fan by holding the clutch center while watching the threads to make sure you’re perpendicular to the water pump. Once threaded in, install a large wrench or tool to finish mounting the fan clutch onto the threads, then tap the fan to fully tighten and you’re good to go. How to remove the fan clutch

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Watch video!

Here is a video of the work being done by one of our mechanics.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the fan clutch, feel free to visit our forum. If you need auto repair advice, feel free to ask our community of mechanics who are happy to help. Our service is always 100% free. Read more: how to get rid of websearch

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