How To Get Feebas Pokemon Go

Feebas, the Fish Pokemon, has been part of the trainers’ collection for as long as the Hoenn Pokemon is in Pokemon GO. However, some players may not know how to evolve their Feebas into the powerful Water type, Milotic.

How to evolve Feebas in Pokemon GO

The first step to growing Feebas is knowing where to get one. Feebas, like other Water-type Pokemon, can be found in places with water. Places like piers, beaches, rivers, canals, and even water parks have an increased chance of spawning water-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. . The best way to do this is to use incense in combination with a lure if the selected location is a PokeStop to maximize the spawn rate of nearby Pokemon, thereby maximizing the chances of catching Feebas. As a tip, it may be necessary to catch some other Pokemon to spawn so there’s plenty of space around the area for Feebas to spawn. When trying to catch a Feebas, it is important to know that it has a 70% catch rate, and while this is a very good chance, it is not a guaranteed chance. Pokemon GO also gives Feebas a 15% chance to run away. It is also important to use the pinap to maximize the number of candies obtained per Feebas caught. With all that scored, it will take you 17 Feebas shots to get 100 candies using pinap Read more: how to dye your hair white without bleach After getting all the candies necessary, the next step is to walk 20 km with Feebas as a friend. There is no easy method or trick that takes advantage of in-game items to make this step faster. Simply go to the player menu in Pokemon GO by tapping the trainer icon in the map view and from there, tap on the player trainer. This will bring up the Buddy Menu, where the player can see their buddy Pokemon. From there, scroll down and find the “Swap Friends” option.

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Additional Info: Feebas and Milotic

For players looking to hunt down and use Feebas and Milotic for Pokemon GO PvP Battles, here are some helpful bits of information to keep in mind: Read more: how to lock terror with a hook

  • Feebas and Milotic are both Water-type Pokemon.
  • Feebas and Milotic are weak against Grass and Electric attacks.
  • Feebas and Milotic take less damage from Water, Steel, Ice, and Fire-type attacks.
  • Feebas has a maximum combat power of 274.
  • Feebas has an attack stat of 29, a defense stat of 85 and a stamina stat of 85.
  • Feebas’ strongest moves are Tackle and Mirror Coat.
  • Milotic has a maximum combat strength of 3,005.
  • Milotic has an attack stat of 192, a defense stat of 219, and a stamina stat of 216.
  • Milotic’s strongest moves are Waterfall and Surf.


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