How To Fold A Tuxedo Handkerchief

Our pocket square guide will answer all your questions about how to wear a pocket square, from how to fold it to how to pair it with a tie.Square pockets aren’t as revealing as some other suit accessories (look at you, tie), but they are an important element of your suit or tuxedo outfit. If you’ve never worn a square bag before, choosing one to wear can be a pain, and that’s assuming you know how to fold it. gives you ideas to coordinate with your other accessories, teaches you our favorite pleats, and in general, shows you how to wear a square bag.

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How to wear a pocket square, how to choose a pocket square

How to wear Pocket Square

The square pocket is meant to be worn in the outer breast pocket of a suit, tuxedo or blazer. They are purely decorative — not to be confused with a utility-oriented handkerchief.


The basic difference between pocket squares and handkerchiefs is horizontal – pocket squares are not made to absorb all… that. If you put a clean towel in your coat pocket, it will become cumbersome. Garment bag squares are usually made of lightweight cotton, linen or silk and they are also usually a bit smaller. The handkerchief is made of heavier cotton for obvious sneeze prevention.


While your needs may vary, it’s usually best if your square looks like you just happened to put it in your pocket without much thought. In fact, you’re not going to live up to that and curl up. You’ll need to learn how to fold it — more on how to fold a pocket square in a moment (it’s easy). Read more: wine making by zamorak osrs Back to Table of Contents

How to choose a pocket square

The pocket square designs run in many gamut, from plain white to a simple pattern, to an intricate work of art. Choosing one can seem complicated, mainly because you don’t want your pocket square to clash with your tie. Ideally, they support each other. So it seems that the exact combination of tie and square pocket design would be the safest way to go. The truth is, that’s the only wrong way to do it, you want the pocket square to complement your tie. They should be the same, but not the same. Here are a few examples of what we mean.Pocket square guide titleBlack Pindot silk bow tieLinen Shoestring, Menzies Tartan & Leopard Pocket Squares We’ll start off easy with a pretty simple black bow — this one has a polka dot pattern. If you’re wearing a black bow, the event will probably be a little more formal. You’ll want to curb the urge to thrive, but you can still make it interesting. First, a white linen square bag goes with everything. This one has a black wire trim—a nod to your black bow. As we mentioned, you don’t want to duplicate the texture on your tie, so this tartan namzies square also works well. It is similar, but not the same. Finally, if you want something playful, the leopard design square is perfect as it still features the black and white color scheme that complements the bow.Scotland Forever Tartan tiesquare with matching pockets for purple tartan tieRound, Black Quadrilateral and White Linen Pocket Square Is that a purple tartan tie? Yes, the training wheel is off, but we have you. This is as fit as you want to get. If you look closely, there is a very light lavender line in the pattern of the tie, so the blue-gray color of our black quad pocket square highlights it nicely without making a fuss. Finally, as we mentioned in the previous example, a white linen square bag goes well with everything and it helps to make the bold tie shine. You’ll feel more confident taking risks and expressing your own unique style. Read more: wine making by zamorak osrs Back to Table of Contents

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How to fold a pocket square

Read more: How to remove Overspray without damaging Clear Coat | Top Q&A There are at least 52 ways to fold a pocket square. Yeah, well. If you like a lot of different things (and fold a lot of things), be flexible. However, if we’re precise and the pocket square’s goal is indifference and easy elegance, that’s too much. Below you’ll find our top 4 folds in order of difficulty, with step-by-step folding instructions.


Classic greetings. If this crease reminds you of Don Draper, it means his clean, strong look has stayed with you for several years since the show ended—proof that this fold is school. survive with to fold a pocket square presidential fold

  • Set of flat bag squares.
  • Fold the left side over the right side. Align the edges.
  • Fold the bottom about 2/3 of the way to the top. Arrange in your bag so that half an inch of the top folded layer sticks out.

    It’s hard to create a name-inspired sorcery here without talking about anatomy, so we’re not going to do that. The fold-over style is also of the same kind as the neat president, but you’re less likely to see 30 other people wearing squares this way at a wedding or to fold a small square one end up

  • Lay the bag square flat, facing up.
  • Fold the bottom end up to form a neat triangle.
  • Fold the left triangle point halfway to the right.
  • Fold the right triangle point to the left edge. Arrange in your bag so that a triangle sticks out from your pocket.
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    main presidentFormerly known as the “Diddy” and “Puff Daddy” folds, this is a fold with easy charisma. No two bulges look alike, and that’s why it’s the way to go if you want to stand out.square pocket folds

  • Use your dominant hand to gather a bit of fabric in the center of the bag square.
  • Lift it up and let it hang. (Oh yes.)
  • Gather the hanging end together with your other hand.
  • Release the top from your dominant hand and fold the loose ends of the bottom up. Place the folded portion in the bottom of your bag, leaving a square portion that expands from your bag. (How much is up to you, but less is usually more.)

    a key tipSteph Curry’s favorite fold, for obvious reasons. This is more complicated than blistering, but in a similar tournament – you will definitely have a unique square. Don’t worry about perfection.pocket square folding instructions for three point pleats

  • Lay the bag square flat, facing up.
  • Fold the bottom end upwards, slightly overlapping the top end.
  • Fold the left corner point upwards and cut across the overlapping tips at the top.
  • Fold the right corner over the left side. Arrange in your pocket so that three points stick out from your pocket.
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    Square root

    If you’re taking the time to pick, fold, and coordinate square bags with your outfit, you can’t just wear any suit. You need one that fits. We design suits and tuxedos using the finest materials available and modern cuts — the perfect fabric to style with unique ties, shoes, and square bags. We also design those outfits, so you can make a difference, no matter where you are. galvanized steel to rust

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