How To Dream About Your Soulmate

How many times have you wanted to meet your soul mate? To know who he/she is but it seems almost impossible? In fact, there are some great ways to reveal your future and embrace your present by dreaming of your soul mate. Would you like to learn more about this fascinating topic? Read on!

Soulmate. A taste of legend.


We were originally unique entities, divine sparks. Faced with the creator, we decided to go down to the third dimension and continue the creative work by completing the mission together. Since the world we know is a world of duality, we are forced to split in two.By restoring our memories of who we are, we are indeed preparing to find ourselves again, and at that point we will be able to fulfill our shared mission. our souls and the path towards continual growth, which in turn brings us closer to our higher purpose. Get more ancient arrows | Guide to raising arrows | Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) Also Read: How Do You Know You Have A Soulmate? [+ How to Find One]

Does trinity exist?

Throughout life, various situations remind us that there is a soulmate to meet (people who talk to us about the subject, the books we read, the conferences we hang out with). attendance flag). For the memory of someone to resound within us, and the union to be formed, we need to be on the same level of evolution. experience other life forms, or simply return to the center of creation. For soulmates to manifest, it is necessary to call them on the phone, preferably daily. In this way, we allow them access. happens: The person changes his or her attitude toward us; He approached. Another person appears with the necessary qualities for this type of relationship. Each person you bond with is a master in the wonderful experience of learning to love. Capturing the full value of each encounter is a matter of bringing you closer and closer to your soul mate. Read more: How to Dull a Knife? To spot a meeting between soul mates, pay attention to a few clues:

  • Usually that’s not the type of person that usually attracts you;
  • At a reasonable level, thousands of reasons can be given for non-binding;
  • Much understanding arose about this man;
  • You feel an urgent need to call and see this person;
  • Synchronicity in encounters: the universe seems to converge to bring us closer together;
  • The roles tend to reverse. For example, if you have been active before, in the presence of a soul mate, you will have a more passive attitude;
  • It often happens that, just before meeting your soul mate, you experience an impossible kind of love;
  • Once we get out of this, the soulmate will manifest himself. It usually happens very quickly.
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Want to know what your dream of seeing your soulmate is like? Here are the 3 best ways to do it:


How about inviting your soulmate? This is a call you can say aloud before going to bed to dream of your soul mate. “In the name of the higher self and the higher self of my soulmate, I invoke your divine presence, my beloved, so that our hearts may once again be at peace. one, so that we can remember and fulfill our purpose and mission. I invoke the light of the holy spirit, the light of the ascended masters, the angels and guardians of light, and all my angels and personal guides. They will protect our meeting on the physical plane. I ask to remove the barriers that prevent me from remembering and meeting you, that the clouds that prevent us from realizing ourselves have been scattered. May the antagonism between us dissolve at the most opportune time for our highest good. “


Just before going to bed, relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax your body. The following visualization request is enhanced by taking into account your desire to not interfere with anyone’s free will and fulfill your highest purpose in this incarnation. Imagine you are in an extremely beautiful place in the universe. In a landscape of your dreams, in an environment that makes you feel extremely happy. Imagine this place with all its details. Get in touch with your sensory perception. In this place, your heart expands and vibrates with joy. Feel another presence at your side. Direct your attention towards it and see that it is your soulmate. Try to feel their energy radiating towards you. Focus on this energy for one minute. Visualize a bright spot slightly above both of you. Create a triangle of light that combines your heart, your soulmate’s heart, and the point of light above your head. Imagine that the golden threads form the sides of this triangle. Mentally connect with other light triangles in the world. Mentally speaking, “let it be!”

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After this form of meditation, you can try to engage your soul mate or write down some traits you believe they have. This visualization, briefly and quickly, can be repeated at least once a week for spiritual fathers to help us. If the cognitive faculty does not seem to develop, it does nothing, in thinking, it approaches. Each week, our soulmate’s energy will be felt more clearly and a telepathic connection is gradually established.How to dream about your soulmate 1Read more: how to keep your opinions to yourself

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