How To Fix Malwarebytes Real Time Protection

For several years now, Malwarebytes has been listed in the list of 10 best antivirus software on the market. Furthermore, according to PC Mag, it ranks first in the market for high-speed scanning. have repeatedly complained about the fact that the real-time protection option won’t turn on and the developer has acknowledged the problem. Some program updates should have fixed this problem.

How do I enable Malwarebytes real-time protection?


first. Enable early start module self-protection

  • Open Malwarebytes.
  • inside Protection go to Settings then Startup Options.
  • Turn on Enable early start module self-protection right to buy.cw7FzXD3Yp5tmAvYZ236DD 1
  • Restart your device.
  • This will enable real-time protection early in the computer’s boot process. However, if the program keeps saying that the device is not protected, move on to the next solution.

    2. Turn off Malwarebytes completely

    This means you have to close the application as usual, but you also have to right-click the Malwarebytes system tray icon and select Exit Malwarebytes To turn off the process. Read more: How to clean Gucci sneakers (or any shoes) Then reopen the program and see if any changes when you try to enable real-time protection. necessarily helps, but it’s worth a try anyway. Sometimes, restarting the program solves a bunch of problems.

    3. Reinstall a clean copy of Malwarebytes

  • First, uninstall the program using their recommended tool.
  • Restart your computer as prompted.
  • Install the latest version of Malwarebytes, yours and their website.
  • Turn on real-time protection and see if it works.malware self-protection module 1 e1619438244580
  • Clean inherits your license key details, so don’t worry about losing your subscription. Many subscribers have had success with this clean reinstall. However, if you are still unable to use real-time protection, you should contact Malwarebytes support and submit a diagnostic log. Get MB-Clean

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    4. Use another third-party tool

    Malwarebytes is a great antivirus that protects you from online attacks that threaten your identity, your files, your system, and your finances. errors. As a result, your computer may not be fully protected. Millions of users use machine learning and new technologies to better protect you every day. options you can use to keep your computer safe. You can consider any of these best lifetime licensed antivirus tools. in studio fl | Top Q&A

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