How To Get All Park Badges


Game Points – Are you one of those players that your teammates rely on to hit the big shot? This badge gives players a boost when making a potential winning shot in the game. How to get it: Hit the last group of points Read: how to get all the park badgesStreet dog – Do you like to visit the rival court, run the court? This badge will power up when playing on your opponent’s field. How to get it: Victory on Rival Court Read more: how to sew cuffs on pants7 Oh of – The film emphasizes people. Increases your teammates’ energy and defensive attributes when creating a highlight in a play. How to get it: Make as many tick plays as possible. Dunking into people, oops alley.Iron Man – Lose less energy when playing games at the park. How to get it: Use all your staminaBone Collector – Increases defender’s chance of breaking an ankle. How to get it: Chain a dribbling combo together to break your opponent’s ankle. Read more: minecraft how to grow grass on the groundLegendary takeover – For users who tend to beat players with higher rep, more motivation for you and your teammates while playing compared to players with higher rep. How to get it: Defeat High Representative users many timesPark Bully – Perfect for flexing your muscles in the park, this badge will make your opponents think twice before stepping into the paint How to get it: Block 100 photos in paint.Only winners – The winner will win, keep winning and your players will heat up faster than usual. How to get it: Often gets angry in the park and continues to score goalsStreak Breaker – Beat a team on a winning streak, earning rhythm boosts for you and your teammates in the next game. How to get it: Beat a winning team.Read more: how long does it take for stains to dry outside | Top Q&A

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