How To Fix Large Hole In Leather Couch

Read more: How to tell if the timing belt has been replaced Most holes in leather or vinyl seats can be fixed with an extra patch and leather filler. However, when the hole is larger than a few inches in diameter, you are better off incorporating the top patch for look and feel, as dermal fillers are harder when used to fill very large gaps. . Here’s how to fix this huge hole damaged by Fido chewing on the hands of leather furniture.

  • Necessary, repair any damage to the foundation foam by plugging in a new piece. Purchase heavy duty seat foam from an upholstery or fabric supplier (we may also have small pieces available). Don’t be afraid to cut off a lot of the original foam; this can make plugging in another part easier. Please patiently sculpt the new sponge to fit the hole. Extra patches and repairs will hide minor variations, but the foam plug should be even and fairly smooth. Use a non-toxic fabric glue to bond the new foam to the original (the glue we sell in the kit has solvents that will melt the foam). You can also sew several large whips with thread if it’s easier, but be careful not to tear the foam.
  • Prepare and insert your subpatch. Cut a piece of twill or thin denim fabric one inch larger than the hole. Place the sticker over the hole. In this example, there are many curves on this part of the arm, so small triangles must be cut where the patch is warped or wrinkled. Do this until the patch is across the hole. Round any corners for easier insertion. Then insert the patch underneath the leather and glue it down with strong, flexible fabric glue (the glue in our kit is perfect).
  • Prepare and apply your top patch. If there aren’t any excesses from the original material, choose leather or vinyl (PVC) of a similar thickness, grain, and if possible, choose a color. Do not use polyurethane or polyester imitation leather. Cut the patch to fit inside the hole, minimizing the gap between the original material and your top patch. Rounded corners will glue down better than sharp edges. Make sure there is no overlap. Use the same fabric glue to stick the top patch with the side patch. Work in small sections if necessary until the entire circumference of the hole is secured. Make sure the glue is completely dry before applying the filler.
  • Repair remaining gaps with leather material. See how to use our Soft Filler in this video.
  • Apply a water-based finish to cover repair marks. Learn how to combine colors or change colors.
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