How To Play As Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​a Duelist, so he’s usually the Agent leading his team. He can blind the opposing team, and can create a wall of fire to prevent enemies from approaching. If things go awry, his fire ability can even heal him. Phoenix also has an Ultimate that can give him a second life so he can try some more dangerous levels. Here are all of Phoenix’s abilities and a few tips on how to best use them. Ability: BlazePhoenix’s Blaze Ability Visual: Riot Games via Polygon Fires a wall of fire that blocks vision and damages anyone who walks through it. You can bend the wall while casting by rotating your body while holding the left click. Read more: how to apply lipstick with markersAdvice:

  • If Phoenix goes through his own wall or stands inside it, he will be healed, which can make this skill more useful in tight places.
  • This wall doesn’t really stop bullets, but it hides you well enough that you can stop enemies from killing you just by throwing it up as a front. If they throw smoke through it, they’ll have to be very lucky to kill you.

Ability: Curveball

Phoenix in Valorant prepares to use his CurveballPhoenix throws his Curve Orb skill Image: Riot Games via Polygon Burns a winding flame that erupts into a bright light after a short period of time, temporarily blinding all who are looking on it. Left click warps it to the left, right click curves it to the right.Advice:

  • Always use this skill around a corner, if you try to throw it straight, it will blind you. The curve on it is almost 90 degrees so it’s very easy to bend it around an angle before you reach the climax.
  • This skill can blind you and your teammates, so be careful how you use it.
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Unique ability: Hot hands

A pool of fire lies on the ground in ValorantA puddle of fire from Phoenix’s Hot Hand skill Fire Zone damages enemies and heals you. Read more: How to make grape wine in FloridaAdvice:

  • This ability is great for making enemies think twice before exiting a door or entering a small hallway.
  • While this skill is good for area denial, it doesn’t deal much damage, so don’t be afraid to use it to create a personal health pool for yourself.

Ultimate ability: Run it again

Mark your current location. If you die during the duration of this skill or when the duration of this skill expires, you will be reborn at the marked location with full health. Read more: How to make grape wine in FloridaAdvice:

  • Whatever you do while this ability is active will come back to you when you return to where you started the ability. So if Spike is in a bad spot you can activate your ultimate, get it, and when the enemy kills you, you’ll just pop up where you started Run it again.
  • Be careful where you start for Run it back. There will be a fire on the ground there so you can easily see it and if enemies run past it they will wait for you to come back then kill you in the animation before you can move.
  • This ability is also great for starting rounds. If you are an Attacker, you can dive into a website and get a few lives or gather some valuable information. If you are a Defender, you can throw yourself into the opposing team and catch them by surprise without risking your life.
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