How to Fix Adobe Illustrator Crashing Issue Without Losing Data

As vector graphic software goes, Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard. Artists and designers use it to create logos, web graphics, book illustrations, web and mobile graphics, product packaging, and billboards. This article will give you a crash course on why your Illustrator keeps crashing, why your files got lost after the Illustrator crashed, and how you can you can recover your files.

Part 1: Why Does My Adobe Illustrator Keep Crashing?


It is not uncommon for Adobe Illustrator to crash. You will be using it one minute smoothly for all types of work; the next thing you see is that the Illustrator has crashed and your work progress along with it. Even though Adobe Illustrator is a well-renowned program, it still has some issues.

What Can Cause Adobe Illustrator Crash?

Adobe Illustrator’s users are in the millions, it is a very useful tool. The comic book you so much enjoy might have been designed using Adobe Illustrator, and yet not even Adobe Illustrator itself can accurately identify the cause of the crash. Here are some possible causes behind your Illustrators crash:

  • Some third-party plug-ins can interfere with the software’s performance
  • It could be that your fonts are corrupted hence the crash
  • You may be using an outdated version of Adobe Illustrator on an updated operating system (OS),
  • Also, there might be a network issue when you are trying to open an already saved file or saving a new one.

Can You Fix Adobe Illustrators Crashing Issue?

Yes, it is possible. However, the circumstances of each crash are not the same as everyone’s. Sometimes the Illustrators crash the moment you launch it. It is so annoying and frustrating when that happens. There are several ways you can go about fixing the crash effectively.

Will Files Be Deleted After Illustrator Crash Repair?

After a sudden crash of the app or the computer, you should expect your files to be gone. However, you can enable autosave to avoid loss of data. Although enabling autosave can make Adobe Illustrator slow, hang, and crash. Due to the size and complexity of the files, the Illustrator is backing up.

Part 2: How to Fix Adobe Illustrator Crashing?

As a consistent user of Adobe Illustrator, you should know a way or two to fix illustrator crashing because it is almost certain that AI will crash at one point in time. Below are some simple ways to fix the Illustrator crashing issue

Method 1: Restarting Adobe Illustrator

You might be thinking it is a cliche. Why the first solution to most technical problems does has to be restarting the program. It is because it works more often than not. Try forcefully quitting the Illustrator and re-launching it; see if that got the Illustrator to work normally again. Restarting usually clears most error programs to have.restarting

Method 2: Update Adobe Illustrator

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons behind Illustrator’s crashing issue is operating an outdated version of the software. If indeed you are, update the software to its latest version. You can do that by;a) Opening the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applicationb) Clicking on the three dots icon at the upper-right side of the applicationchecking for updatesc) Selecting “Check for App Updates” from the drop-down menu.updating illustratord) Clicking on “Update” if it displays beside the app from the checking result.Upon successfully download, re-open the software to see if Adobe Illustrator still crashes. If it is still crashing, then you are going to have to try a third option.

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Method 3: Remove Third-Party Plug-ins

Normally, when you install a new program on your windows, it is added to the list in “Program and Features”. So, when you decide to uninstall a program; you go to the” Programs and Features” list and uninstall from there.Step 1: Go to the “Programs and Features” (Click “Start, type uninstall a program and click the result).programs and featuresStep 2: Locate the Illustrator Plug-ins from the listStep 3: Click on Illustrator and then click uninstallYou could also remove the unwanted plug-ins via System Restore. It is a utility that comes with the Windows operating system that can help computer users to restore to when they did not have the program interfering with the operation of the computer. To use this feature, you have to create a restore point before installing a program. That way, you can use System Restore to eradicate any unwanted program, such as the Illustrator plug-ins.Step 1: Close all programs and files currently openedStep 2: On the desktop, right-click “Computer” and select “Properties”. System window displays.Step 3: Click “System Protection” and the system properties window will displaysystem protecttionStep 4: Click “System Restore’ and the System Restore window displaysStep 5: Select “Choose a different restore point and then click “Next”Step 6: Select a time and date from the list and click “Next”. Programs and drivers installed after the selected time and date may not function properly. In that case, you will have to re-install them.system reinstallStep 7: Click “Finish” and then “Yes” to confirm once more.system restore

Method 4: Launch Adobe Illustrator in Safe Mode

An incompatible plug-in or a damaged font could be the reason behind the crash. Normally, when Adobe Illustrator is in use, all necessary fonts, plug-ins, drivers, and other third-party elements need to be loaded and functioning properly.For that reason, starting in safe mode is warranted. It will give you a chance to repair Adobe Illustrator by running diagnostics, correcting every one of the troubleshooting tips. Here is how you can start Adobe Illustrator in “Safe Mode” and “Run Diagnostics”:Step 1: Restart your computer and open the Illustratorrestarting the illustratorStep 2: Click on “Run Diagnostics” and then choose to run Illustrator in “Safe Mode”.safe modeStep 3: Click on every option on that list, they are suggesting a cause that can crash the Illustrator.Step 4: Next, troubleshooting tips are displayed for each issue. Follow the displayed tips on the screen and make all the corrections.Step 5: Click on “Enable on Re-launch”When all the issues are fixed, Adobe Illustrator will be launched again in Normal Mode and be working properly.

Part 3: How to Restore Illustrator Files After It Crashes?

If Adobe Illustrator crashes, so does your files. Unless you have enabled auto-save on Illustrator which is not always such a good idea. After re-launching the program, you can recover your files from your backup. However, in the event where auto-save is not enabled on Illustrator, your files will be lost. Recoverit Data Recovery software that can help retrieve your lost files.

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What Are Adobe Illustrator File Formats?

When it comes to print production work, Adobe Illustrator has three (3) main file formats for you namely Encapsulated Postscript (.esp), Adobe PDF (.pdf), and Adobe Illustrators Document (.ai). Although the “Save as” option on Illustrator presents a fourth option – Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg). Also, Illustrator has an export option that allows you to export your file to all sorts of other formats like .jpg, .png, and .dxf. This means the Illustrator can read them as well, and with t=that you get to maximize the file used in different applicationsIt is the most common format available these days. It is Adobe’s native Illustrator format. Adobe PDF (.pdf) file format is common because it supports lots of features such as notes, search options, annotations, and hyperlinks.

  • Encapsulated Postscript (.esp)

Almost all standard graphics applications support the ESP file format even though it does support transparency. It is used to place graphic elements into a page. ESP can be just an image on a page or a complete page.

  • Adobe Illustrators Document (.ai)

It is known as the native file format of Adobe Illustrator. As a result, it supports all the features provided by Adobe Illustrator, and can only be read by it.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) and SVG Compressed (.svgz)

It is mostly used by the World Wide Web (WWW). Saving files as .svg using Illustrator makes it possible to either save part or the entire font

Why Files Get Lost after Illustrator Crash

Files get lost when you do not enable auto-save on Illustrator. The program closed unexpectedly, so all progress is lost

How to Recover Lost Adobe Lost Illustrator Files

For this solution, please use Recoverit Data Recovery Software. Recoverit has the reputation of being the best data recovery software. Probably, because It is an easy-to-use and all-rounded solution that enables you to recover over one thousand (1000) types and formats of data and files. Also, it is available for both Windows and Mac users, as well as novice and professional users. Hence, we can use Recoverit to recover your lost files from Adobe Illustrator.Steps on How to Use Recoverit to Recover Lost Files from Adobe IllustratorBelow are 3 simple steps to follow to recover your lost Illustrator files on your computer.Step 1: Select PartitionStep 2: Scan the PartitionStep 3: Preview and recover dataStep 1: Select Partition Launch the Data Recovery software to recover and choose the location on your hard drive where the deleted files were initially stored. Click on “Start”.select the location that stored adobe inllustrator files beforeStep 2: Scan the PartitionA deep scan is automatically started. As the minute’s tick by, you’ll see a growing list of your files, and among that list will be Adobe Illustrator files: AI, PDF, ESP, and SVG files. Look to the left of the software and you’ll see several checkboxes. You can tick the ones corresponding to the file format you’re looking for; that speeds up the scan process.scanning lost adobe illustrator filesStep 3: Preview and Recover Lost Adobe Illustrator FilesOnce the software is done scanning through the partition, you’ll see all the files it found. You can preview them right there on the Recoverit window or you can just proceed to recover them.Click on “Recover” and the software will get to work. Your Adobe Illustrator files will be recovered but when it comes to saving them, do so in a different location than the partition they once were. Do this to avoid overwriting those very files you’re trying to recover.preview and recover adobe illustrator files

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Part 4: Extended Information on Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a well-known vector graphics editor used for all types of work. You can personalize the settings on the Illustrator

How Do I Delete Old Preferences in Illustrator?

The Illustrator saves your personal and default settings in a single folder tucked away in the program files. Work layout display, measurement tools, and image export settings all can be personalized, and could also be restored to default at any moment. To delete your old preferences on Illustrator, you just delete the folder titled “AIPrefs” on Windows.If you want a simpler way, or you just do not want to delete an entire folder from an application program file. You could hold down the “Alt+Control+Shift” keys on your Windows computer and start Illustrator. Doing that will delete your old preference and generate a new one when next you start Illustrator.

How Do I Protect Illustrator Files?

You can protect Illustrator files by enabling auto-save. The program backs up your work progress at regular time intervals which you set for yourself. Follow these steps for the illustrator auto-save locationStep 1: Go to “Preferences” > “File Handling & Clipboard” > “Data Recovery”turning on auto saveStep 2: Select the checkbox “Automatically Save Recovery Data Entry”Step 3: Set time interval to automatically save filesStep 4: Click “Choose” to set a location where Adobe Illustrator stores backup filesStep 5: Select the checkbox “Turn off Data Recovery for complex documents” to avoid Illustrator from crashingStep 6: Click on “OK”Note that setting a short time interval will interrupt your work whereas a long-time-interval increases the chance of data loss.

Closing Words

Recoverit is the industry-standard of Data Recovery software. With the software, you can retrieve your lost files from any location. It works on both Windows and Mac to recover large and complex files. Recoverit is the solution you are hoping for.

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