How To Make A Big Bun With Short Natural Hair

The bun is an elegant style that is loved by many, but practically no one can stand the fussy bun. No one wants a small pea sticking out of their head. We like our cakes to look plump and have that perfect form. Big bun with natural short hair Here are three ways to achieve that juicy full bun we all love:The Sock BunThe sock bun is a popular technique for getting a perfect and full figure. You can buy one at your local Target, or if you prefer to shop online, you can even buy some on Amazon in a variety of sizes. Before you do a bun with stockings, you need to make sure your hair is moisturized and smooth. You can use a product like Eco Styling Gel to keep your hair in good shape, and you can combine it with a good hold or moisturizer. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and once your hair has been styled well, you can add a bun. You can now stroke your hair through the bun and secure it with a ponytail. If you find yourself with a few sparse strands of hair, pin them neatly into place with some interest. The video tutorial below provides a great overview of the process:High bun with elastic headbandThis is perfect for medium length or already medium length hair. I use this trick all the time. The method is very simple. You will want to straighten your hair a little and smooth it out. Once you have nice and smooth hair, gather it up using a large cotton elastic headband. The trick for this is that you would wrap this towel around your head twice and then gently pull the band up. This gives your hair the illusion of a full ponytail that you can style as well. To get the bun look, you’ll shape the bun by pinning it with pins around your entire ponytail until you’re done. In mark 3:13 of the video below you can see how to achieve this style: Read More: Life Hacks in CSR2 Really WorkCreate your Scrunchies classInstead of using a high bun, you can use curls to add the fullness you desire. However, for the first ponytail you do, you’ll want to use a thin elastic, which gives you more hair to work with. Then you’ll layer a thick srunchie/headband around the ponytail to create an effect similar to a stocking bun (it’s pretty do-it-yourself!). Then, you use a thin hair elastic to smooth your hair through the elastic and pin the sparse hairs in place. Skip 1:52 . mark to see this styling option.And there you have it, three ways to get a full bun without extra hair! Have you tried any of these options before? I know I’m dying to try the sock bun option, as I have one and haven’t used it.Read more: Carl’s Guide to Terraria | Top Q&A

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