How To Fill A Flask Without Spilling

As anyone who has stood outside a college football stadium can tell you, draining a pitcher requires no particular skill or talent. But filling it up is a whole different story, the very small mouth that allows to freely enjoy a vase makes it difficult to fill. That old problem came back to my mind when I decided to invest in a Gadsden Flag syringe from Smathers & Branson (nothing quite embodies the “Don’t step on me” spirit like breaking the open-cabinet law. our Puritans). This vase pairs with two leather-bound vases from J.Crew that I received as a gift during a time around 2012 when every menswear brand sold the bottles. The brown and navy vases have long since been stained by the sloppy dumping of Old Overholt Rye or the Canadian Club. I decided that I would keep my newest vase as stain-free as possible—a daunting task if I was going to dump blacks in it. Some items in the lineup are expected (hoppers, measuring tools) and others less (squeeze bottles, turkey beaters). Here’s a semi-scientific breakdown of how each performed in my quest to fill a jar with the least amount of overflow.



I own a single, small funnel that comes with one of the J.Crew models. The obvious advantage of the funnel is that it fits snugly over the mouth of the jar, which you would imagine would eliminate spills. Additionally, hoppers are by far the most portable option, easily fitting into bags and dopp kits. This usually happens when the funnel is left in the mouth of the jar during the filling process. I’ve found that by using one hand to slightly lift the hopper (while keeping its spout in the mouth of the jar), pouring speeds are faster and the risk of overfilling is reduced.

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Measuring cup

measuring jugs and cupsNext, I use a measuring cup — or more accurately, an OXO measuring device, which has a measuring cup-style mouth. I imagined this would give me more control, as I could fill the measuring cup from a separate bottle and then pour it into the jug, instead of having to pour from one vessel to another through the funnel. Measuring cups have given me more control, in much less time, than hoppers. But doing so requires getting into the “groove” of the pouring, and it was easy to spill at the beginning and end of the pour before I found my rhythm.

Squeeze bottle

Fill the bottle with squeeze bottleSqueeze bottles came to mind when I first started to envision how to pour Campari into the jar without leaving a red streak. For this purpose, I purchased a 6-ounce “Soft’n Style Application Bottle” from Amazon. Read more: how to dedicate yourself to God. The flip side of this is that not a single drop of liquid is spilled. The downside is that it takes a full 60 seconds to squeeze 6 ounces of water into my pitcher.

Turkish Baster

Fill the pitcher with turkey basterLike squeeze bottles, a turkey pad can be inserted directly into the mouth of a jar. I think the wider mouth and greater processing power can give the proceedings the same precision as injection in less time. quickly without spilling. The baster’s biggest drawback is that it’s difficult to know exactly how much liquid it is sucking out of the bottle with each squeeze, making the potential for spills even greater. Its small size and tendency to leak back into the bottle as it is filled, somewhat negate its speed advantage.

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During my testing, there was only one container that never spilled: the squeeze bottle. That factor alone makes it a winner, even if the pouring time is slow. The hopper beats the measuring cup in second place by an inch, since the second part tends to overflow at the beginning or end of a pour. The turkey beater, while attractive, did too many chores.

Honorable mention: Filling a funnel with a measuring cup

I removed this during regular time as it was more of a tag team than a solo opponent, but filling a cup into a hopper proved to be a great choice. The measuring cup’s small mouth provides greater control than the bottle, and its measurements correct one of the funnel’s biggest flaws: not knowing exactly how much you’re pouring. We’ve got you covered. Just go to Bevvy Shop. Read more: Review: Shibari Halo Waterproof Wand

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