How To Draw An Umbrella Step By Step

This tutorial shows an easy way to draw an umbrella in six steps. It includes simple illustrated examples and quick drawing instructions.Step-by-step plotting You can preview the drawing steps in the example above. Read: how to draw tiles easily Drawing tiles from the side view is quite easy even if you are a beginner. Even so, start the tutorial with a pencil and draw light lines that are easy to erase (in case you make a mistake).

Step 1 – Draw the Contour of the Canopy


Umbrella canopy drawingDraw the canopy Start by drawing the canvas part of the umbrella. Tree canopy. Draw a large curve for its upper part and connect that part at the bottom with three smaller curves (like in the example above) Read more: How to play Zarya, Overwatch’s pink-haired tank | Top Q&AT Try and keep your curves pretty smooth and also try to keep the umbrella symmetrical on both sides. If you’re having trouble doing this, you can draw a slight vertical line down the middle of it to help you see if both sides are about the same width. You can delete it when you no longer need it.

Step 2 – Draw the ribs

Cross section drawingDraw the plot sections Next add veins going from the top of the bottom curves to the middle of the top curve of the canopy. This will create three separate sections, also make sure you draw the studs with nice and smooth curves and try to keep them symmetrical.

Step 3 – Draw Pole

Umbrella drawingDraw a column of cells: Go down to create a shape in the middle of the tree to draw a column. It should be straight and quite thin. If you’re having trouble making straight lines for it, you can use a ruler to help you, and also try to make sure that the pole is upright and not tilted to one side.

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Step 4 – Drawing Tips

Head drawingDraw the top of the plot: Going up from the top of the canopy, add cells with small ends that tend to stay in that position. This should be pretty simple but try again and make sure it’s upright so the umbrella doesn’t bend to look like the shape.

Step 5 – Draw the handle

Draw the cell lineDraw a grid line Read more: How to draw an ant – Step by step guide Finally to finish drawing the grid line add the hand first and once finished drawing with a black pen/marker or paint Bold your lines with a pencil. first the handle makes it straight and then add a nice and smooth curve as it goes down. Also make the handle slightly thicker than the pole but not so much that it looks out of proportion compared to the rest of the umbrella.

Step 6 – Color the cell

Umbrella drawingDraw plots You can color the canopy as much as you like. The colors in the example are yellow, blue and red because these colors are quite fun and go together. Just like the canopy, you can choose any color you like for the handle but in this case it will be light brown.


Drawing an umbrella from the side is pretty easy. However, even a simple drawing can look pretty good as long as you have proportions, nice, clean lines and good color selection. Hopefully this guide has helped you at least a little bit on all of that.

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