How To Disable Network Access To Windows Registry

When someone has Remote access arrive Registration Authority on your system, it can lead to all kinds of problems. Especially if the person has no handling skills registration fileyou may want to disable their access. Luckily, even on Windows 7, you have the option disable remote access into your Windows Registry. Continue reading our article to learn more about this topic. Read: how to disable network access to windows registry

What is the Windows Registry?


The Windows Registry is the database on your computer’s hard drive. It stores Important settings for your Windows systemas well as the apps you have installed. Because it contains important data, the registry should only edited when you know what you’re doing. Never mess with settings without following instructions or having someone around know what they’re doing. Once you know how to work with the registry, you can do a lot of great things with your PC. Take from speeding up performance to taking your Windows experience to the next level.

Why should I disable network access to the registry?

Although it doesn’t have to be threat, there is always a chance that someone could seriously damage your computer by editing the registry. If your network has access to it, they don’t even need to use the same computer as you.

How to disable network access to Windows Registry?

Now that you know why it’s beneficial to keep your registry safe, we can start taking steps to ensure it remains untouched. At the time of writing, there are two ways you can disable network access (also known as remote access) to the Windows Registry. Read more: how to swim in gta 5 pc | Top Q&ANote: These instructions are for the Windows 7 operating system. However, the process is similar in many other Windows releases, including Windows 10. Both methods are easy to follow even for those with little or no experience with Windows 7. Before you get started, we recommend setting up System Restore Point In case there is any error in the process. Don’t know how to set up a System Restore point on Windows 7? We recommend you watch this quick and informative video by EasyPcRepairs to learn how. When you’re ready, choose your preferred method and start disabling registry access for your network.

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First method: Edit settings in service

One way to disable remote access to your registry files is to disable the service itself. This sounds complicated but in reality it is an easy and quick process. All Windows 7 operating systems are equipped with a tool that allows you to view and configure the services running on your PC. This is what we will use to remove registry network access.

  • Press and hold Windows on your keyboard, then press CHEAP. This shortcut will immediately launch a widget named Run.
  • You will see a text field where you can enter characters. Enter and press ALRIGHT button. Wait Service utility to launch.How to run windows service manager
  • Find Remote registration from the list of services in the right pane. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order, making it easier to locate the entry.Remote registration
  • Double click Remote registration.
  • inside Shared tab, switch Start-up type arrive Disable.How to disable network access to the Windows registry on Windows 7
  • Click Application and restart your computer to make the final changes.
  • Remote users or services on your network will no longer be able to edit the registry file on your computer. You can always reverse this change by setting the Startup Type to Automatic or Handmade.

    Second method: Using Registry

    This method is quite similar to the first one, however, we will use the registry itself to modify the settings. For this you will need a Registry Editor, available to use on your PC by default.Read more: How to find dubai free parking As mentioned above, the registry needs to be handled with care. Make sure you follow our instructions closely. If you want to make any other tweaks, we highly recommend that you seek out a guide before doing it yourself.Note: If you haven’t created a System Restore point before, this is a good time to do so now. Alternatively, you can back up the registry itself to eliminate the risk of any damage to your PC. Follow this video by Britec09 to learn how to create and use registry backups on Windows 7. Follow these steps to disable network/remote access to your registry on Windows 7:

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  • The first thing we need to do is open Registry Editor. You can do this by pressing Windows and CHEAP keys at the same time. This shortcut will immediately launch a widget named Run.
  • Enter the word regedit and hit ALRIGHT button. The registry editor will be opened within seconds.Widows . Registry Editor
  • You can navigate within the registry by tapping the arrow icon next to the name of a folder, officially called Registration code. Using this, navigate to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Services → RemoteRegistry.
  • Double click on the REG_DWORD entry called Begin.
  • You will see a typeable field in Value data. Remove any other numbers and just type 4.How to edit a value in the Windows registry editor
  • Click ALRIGHT and restart your computer.
  • What we just did was a simple edit in the Windows Registry. Most of the settings correspond to the numbers in the registry. Here’s a quick summary of RemoteRegistry’s possible settings:

    • 2 = Automatic
    • 3 = Manual
    • 4 = Disabled

    These settings correspond to those found in Service. If you want to reverse this change and allow remote access to your registry, just edit the value data to a different number. It’s great to know how your computer works and what tools you can access to customize your preferences. . We are Microsoft Certified Partners and BBB Accredited Enterprises interested in giving our customers a reliable and satisfying experience on the software products they need. We will be with you before, during and after the sale. That’s our 360 Degree Software Hold Guarantee. What are you waiting for? Call us today at +1 877 315 ​​1713 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact us via Live Chat. Read more: how to have big curly hair like beyonce

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