How To Draw Grapes Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw grapes in a bunch of grapes in six steps. It includes detailed step-by-step drawing examples with instructions.Step-by-step grape drawing tutorial Although this is a fairly simple process, it can make grapes look significantly better. How to draw a grape leaf step by step

Step 1 – Draw the top grapes


External drawingDraw the top outside Start by drawing the top of the bunch of grapes. First draw most of the grapes forward and draw the rest protruding from behind it. In general, try to draw the grapes in the foreground first and then draw the grapes that are partially obscured behind them. tighten. Also leave a little at the top for the part that attaches the grapes to the vine. Usually, grapes at the top of the bunch tend to protrude more to the sides. The further the grapes go down the bunch, the more they tend to point downwards. Try and take this into account when drawing.

Step 2 – Draw the Middle Grape

Drawing between grapesDrawing between grapes Below is a drawing of the previous set of grapes, draw the next set going deeper with the grapes also facing more downwards.

Step 3 – Draw Grapes “Outside”

Outer drawing of grapesDraw the outside of the grape Now add another set of grapes around the sides as well as near the bottom. The grapes are on the sides, so most of them are hidden behind the other grapes due to the curved bunch of grapes.

Step 4 – Draw very bottom grapes

Draw a bunch of grapesCluster drawing Finally add the last bit of grapes at the bottom to complete the bunch.

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Step 5 – Finish Line Drawing

Draw linesDraw the grape line At the top of the bunch of grapes, draw the small part that attaches it to the vine. Make it split into smaller “branches” (in this case, three) as it connects to the grapes. Read more: How to Warm Up a Burrito: Say Goodbye to Sad, Soggy Leftovers! Once done, review your drawing with a black pen or marker, or if you prefer just darken the lines with a pencil.

Step 6 – Color the bunch of grapes

Draw grapesDrawing grapes To color grapes, it is probably easiest to draw with colored pencils or paints. In this case we’ll make them yellow/green and the little “branches” at the top light brown. In this case, the light will come from the left side of the group. To show this, leave some white spots on each left/center grape to highlight. To show the right side facing the light, you can shade the grapes on the right/bottom side a bit darker. To add shadows with a pencil, you can first color the grapes green and then lightly brush them with a pencil. pencil to add shadow.


By adding some very basic lights and shadows to a drawing, you can really make it stand out a lot more than a canvas simply filled with a solid color. Combined with nice, clear brushstrokes, it can really make for a very nice overall picture.

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