How To Clean Snow Off Car Without Scratching

The vast majority of car owners don’t care about swirl marks on their paintwork and may not even know what they are. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. But since Canadian Gearhead is dedicated to a small group of us obsessing over the condition of our cars, knowing how to remove snow without scratching your paint is definitely something we need to talk about. and protect our paint perfectly. However, once the days get cold, dark, and dreary, that passion will be hard to come by. Some of us are lazy with it and forget about the consequences of touching the paint, plus our cars are often covered with mud and road salt and it is easy to lose their shiny paint. ta. Spring is coming, though, and you might be really surprised to see the toll that winter has charged on your vehicle.

Why should you remove the snow on your car?

Taking a moment to clear the snow from your car after a winter storm has very little effect on you or your car. It’s all about the safety of other drivers. Without other motorists on the road, this article wouldn’t have existed – I’m simply telling you to leave the snow on your paint until it melts or melts. Your car on the highway is very dangerous. It can even be deadly. Once the wind picks this up, it’s like throwing a rock against the windshield of the person behind you. That’s bad news for everyone.How to remove snow without scratching the paintLocal law enforcement in Ontario is actually punishing people who don’t clear snow from their cars (especially their windows). Too many pedestrians were injured. Too many windshields were smashed. So Johnny Law is passing the ticket to try to get people’s attention. I was the first to sympathize with not wanting to risk scratching my paint. I’m sure a lot of people think I’m a psycho because of the steps I take to maintain my car’s finish (they may be right). the car is more important than a person’s life or their safety. So I try to keep my car a larger amount of snow while doing my best to preserve the condition of the paint.

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Can a snow brush scratch your car?

Sure. I don’t care how expensive it is, how fancy the name, or what it’s made of. Whenever we wipe something through our paint, there is a risk of scratching it. This risk increases exponentially depending on how dirty the paint under the snow is. The same dirt will stick to your paint as soon as you pull the brush over it.Using one of the hard-bristled snow brushes directly on your paintwork is no better or worse than using a soapy brush at a penny car wash.A fluffy broom like this can be helpful with removing snow from your paint but only when used correctly. The tool you use really doesn’t matter. Even fancy things will scratch your car if you rub your paintwork directly with them. Whether your brush has stiff bristles or is made of microfiber or foam, it can damage your paint unless you use it a certain way. I’ll learn that trick below.

How to remove snow without scratching your paint or causing minimal damage:

I will list these options in order of how safe they are for your paint. In general, the techniques that are safest for your paint will also be the least effective at removing snow. So start from the safest way and if it doesn’t work, move on to a riskier option. If that’s not possible, here are some ways to safely remove snow from your vehicle:

Let the snow melt


Giving the snow and ice a chance to melt instead of removing it is the safest thing for your paint job. If you don’t have a garage at home, a public garage will work. However, this is not a realistic option for most people unless you are visiting a business with indoor parking.How to remove snow without scratching the paint

Blow snow with a leaf blower

OrderI also use a leaf blower to dry the car after washing them is the one I use to remove the snow. It can be extremely effective at cleaning the snow off your paint without causing any scratches or damage. It basically mimics what the wind would do on the highway, except in this case you won’t blind the drivers behind you. it. The only thing rubbing against your paint is snow still isn’t ideal, but it’s the lesser of all other evils. First, you may want to avoid waking all your neighbors in the morning with a noisy machine. You will also look quite strange standing in the snow while pointing a leaf blower at your car. Perhaps the biggest downside to blowing snow on your car is that it doesn’t always work on denser packed snow. You should be able to remove almost all the snow from your car without touching it once. And as you know, touching your paint is what will scratch it.

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Use a broom or broom to sweep the snow

Read more: dark souls 3 ways to lothric castle | Q&AAGain, your tool choice doesn’t matter. Even if you have a stiff bristle brush like mine, you can wrap the bristles with a soft microfiber towel using an elastic band to hold it. The key to using any brush to remove snow is: Never let the brush touch your paint.You want to keep the brush at least 1/4″ away from the surface. This way you will remove most of the snow (the dangerous part) and leave a thin layer behind. This is why the tool you choose doesn’t matter. If you are using it properly, it will never actually touch your car. Only snow on top.

Clear your window

Car glass is much harder to scratch than paint. Because of this, there’s no reason to drive around with snow and ice on your windows. You can use an ice scraper and any brush you want on your windows without worrying about causing damage. This won’t block your view and it will protect your rubber bezels and plastic trim from scraping damage.

Protect your vehicle in winter

Apply a quality wax or polymer paint glue right before winter is always a great idea. It will keep your painted surface glossy, which means it takes less effort to make the snow slide. Ceramic coatings can resist very minor scratches, but even so, you need to be extra careful with how you handle them. Sure enough, it won’t snow anymore. However, using car covers outdoors can also damage your paintwork. As soon as it flies in the wind, the cover will rub against the car and can even wear right through the paint. In theory, this seems like a good option. In fact, it’s not.

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How to remove snow without scratching the paint

The ugly truth

The key to safely removing snow is clearing just enough to be safe and legal. Don’t try to make it look perfect as that will require you to touch the paint. The best attack is to leave a thin layer of snow, then let the heat from your engine or the sun do the work.Winter is hard on vehicles, period. The road salt and brine they use to keep the streets clear will do their best to corrode and destroy our metals. We were forced to risk scratching the paint to remove the snow. When it’s below freezing, a seemingly healthy amount of battery can surprise you when you try to start your car. The diesel wants to run like a classic tractor. This season has a real talent for hurting traffic. All we can do is minimize that as best we can, then polish them to their former glory in the spring. Read more: How to flirt with a guy co-worker

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