How To Make My Dirt Bike Faster

Most mountain bike enthusiasts will get to the point of uttering a certain toolmaker’s mantra, “more power!” It’s predictable and almost natural because dirt bikes are, by design, racing and adventure machines. While owners can opt for the most expensive upgrades and modifications, such changes are often not entirely necessary for the casual rider or hobbyist. Note that not every conversion is appropriate or necessary for every rider, every budget, or every skill level. Before going down the mod highway, it’s important to know and understand your machine; Many novice riders think their bike isn’t powerful enough, ignoring the simple changes and design features that can give them the power they’re after.

1. Start with the Basics


Remember, to take advantage of your computer, you need to take care of it. Too many amateur racers rush into modifications, believing that poor performance is a direct result of pre-existing setups and parts. Honestly, there is a learning curve with dirt bike ownership. Newbies need to focus first on the fundamentals. If you want to get the most out of your dirt bike, make sure you’re following the recommended maintenance schedules. Do yourself a favor and read through your owner’s manual or pick up a service guide for the specific year/make/model of dirt bike you have and learn how to make adjustments. Tuning ensures that your bike’s engine and other components function as designed, meaning you can reach your bike’s full operating potential. Before diving into the mechanical changes, though, it’s best to swap out your tires. Do some research and locate the right tire for your driving style and road or track conditions. Selecting the right tires can help improve traction and handling, directly affecting machine speed and performance. Also, each time before you ride, check the tire pressure and add or remove air as needed.

2. Better fuel use

2 m . performance motorcycleYou might think we’re talking racing gasoline, which might be an option (more on that in a second), but we’re talking about the stuff you get from your local gas station. Gasoline for premium gasoline has a higher octane rating when you go to fill up your dirt bike. While it’s more expensive and seems really hard to do when gas prices go up, you’re only filling a few gallons — maybe 1-2 gallons if you’re filling up a dirty bike gas tank and/or just 5 gallons if you’re filling up. gasoline a gas can or gas can. Spending a few extra bucks on something like 91 octane is worth the little extra money at the time of the ride. One thing to consider when it comes to choosing your fuel is to pay attention to the gas stations in your area. Gas stations that are always busy will have the latest fuel as they will constantly have to replenish their supplies. You really need to be careful if you think you want to go on the fuel race track with a rough dirt bike engine. Riding a dirt bike with too high an octane can be detrimental to the operation of the motorcycle. Most racing fuels are usually best suited to modified engines, or will at least require you to do some tuning/re-triggering to ensure proper performance.

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3. Help it breathe

Dust bike performance - Air intakeRead more: How to charge a disposable vape with a usb Getting more air into your machine is an important way to get better performance. A high-end air filter can do wonders in terms of the ability of air to get into your engine. Dirt and debris can accumulate on the air filter, thereby reducing air flow. While your stock air filter will do its best to allow continuous air to circulate, there may be dirt and other harmful particles that can get through. Upgrading to something like the Double Stage Professional Filter from Maxima or the Double Air Filter can make a big difference. With different media types and sizes, these premium filters can help remove larger particles on the outer layers and then filter out even smaller debris using the secondary layer. With tight-fitting seals that secure the filters to your air box, you’ll get powerful airflow directly through the main body of the filter. It’s easier to install and it’s also reusable, which means you can wash it and re-oil it for multiple uses while saving money.

4. Upgrade your factory clutch

Dust bike performance - Factory clutchWhile the clutch on most dirt bikes is suitable for novice riders straight from the factory, changing the clutch by the manufacturer for a race-specific or race-specific style can lead to some significant profits. Those benefits won’t come in the form of horsepower, though. The upgrade you’ll notice is base power, meaning better acceleration, pickup and control, which ultimately leads to better speed and overall performance from the engine. Most novice riders can figure out the steps and install a new clutch in less than an hour; However, it’s not the installation that makes many car owners reluctant to change the clutch, but the price. Many riders, especially those new to racing, may feel that the profits from changing clutches are not worth the financial investment. However, every little boost counts for more experienced riders, helping them to finish 10 seconds faster than their opponents.

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5. Increase flow rate

Dust bike performance - Increase flow rateA more complex modification to the 4-stroke engine involved current shifting. Migration requires a specific set of skills and tools, such as a flow console. Flow meters can measure the vacuum level of the engine, determining the level needed to remove air from the intake and exhaust flanges. Motion is just one part of the process of improving your bike’s performance. You’ll also need to polish the interior of the cylinder head, making sure everything is working properly and the airflow is extremely smooth. Diversion is all about improving the air flow rate and creating a true high performance machine. However, as with other modifications, the transformation requires finesse and practice and is best left to the professionals.

6. Open valve

An important component of a motorcycle’s speed and performance is the balance of air and fuel flow. If you could increase the airflow to the engine, you could theoretically increase its power. The camshaft is the part that measures the air flow into the machine by opening and closing the valve. High performance cams will allow the valves to remain open longer, allowing more airflow and increasing horsepower range. Read more: How to protect strawberries from squirrels If you’re interested in making such a change to your dirt bike, it’s best to hire a professional to do this job as they can determine the shaft which cam and cam configuration suits your driving style or engine setup for best results and intentions ensuring everything is set correctly.

7. Improved compression

Another change to increase your bike’s performance is to change the compression ratio. However, the process is different depending on the type of engine you have. Changing the compression ratio of a 2-stroke engine requires head milling. To make a similar change to a 4-stroke engine, you’ll need to replace the piston with a more pronounced dome-shaped piston. Improving your bike’s compression is like adding a bit of power to it. Essentially, better compression powers your acceleration, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices. This change will take away a bit of the performance of the top-end bike, but the benefits from the low-end can make all the difference. Remember that changing the compression setting will also change the type of fuel you need. Increased compression means you’ll need higher octane gasoline, which will cost more than standard or premium fuel at the pump.

8. Upgrade the exhaust system

An important component of the exhaust system is the silencer, which helps the bike “breathe” better. Depending on your engine, adding a muffler (2-stroke) or a slide (4-stroke) can increase engine performance, albeit incrementally. The beauty of a muffler upgrade is that it requires little skill, making it the perfect changeover for the novice. Usually you can complete the swap in about 15 minutes, just worry about keeping track of a few pegs. Different designs increase efficiency at one or the other, and although you may not feel much difference at the start, you have to understand where the change is going to happen. If you’re not comfortable with the changeover and don’t trust your abilities, you can take your car to a local shop and have a professional do the swap. the cost. While upgrading your muffler is part of your exhaust system, it’s only a small part that helps to regulate your system’s airflow and capacity. If you want a real and measurable performance boost, consider upgrading the entire system including the header, midpipe, and muffler. With options like FMF Racing, Yoshimura and Pro Circuit, a complete dirt bike exhaust system will give you a setup that has been expertly tuned from head to tail. Similar to installing silencers or swapping 2-stroke hoses, installing a bike’s full exhaust system shouldn’t be too difficult. Most full systems will help deliver power across the board from low to high range. Another benefit with a full system is that the materials used to make them can reduce overall weight while improving strength. A titanium system with carbon fiber end caps can save you a few pounds but is also quite expensive. You might want to try some of the other less expensive suggestions on this list before opting for a titanium exhaust system upgrade. However, it is important to acknowledge and use the power your machine already possesses. Small tweaks and tweaks are usually enough to give the novice intermediate handlebars plenty of power and performance. It is only when you reach the level of professional and advanced riding that a more expensive change may be necessary. If you would like help figuring out how to get the most out of your machine, consider contacting a Chaparral Motorsports representative. Read more: Morale Fiber.

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