How To Clean A Hairbrush With A Dryer Sheet

The dryer sheet is a textile fiber coated with fatty acids, cocktails and the scent of various chemicals, becoming more practical in our lives. ceiling fans – that’s how table dryers touch almost every nook and cranny of life. Read: how to clean a hairbrush with a dryer What if we said you could clean your delicate brush to almost new by using a dryer sheet? Sounds impressive! Right?Some experts say that it is normal to lose 100 hairs a day, and most of it falls out of the head in the hair comb, forming bunches and nets. Perhaps, no one. You don’t always throw your hairbrush in the trash when it can’t be cleaned again. hairbrush.

Method #1 – Step by Step


It is no exaggeration to say that hairbrushes are a part of our lives, they get dirty very quickly with tangled hair and dirt clinging to the bristles.

Step 1 – Remove dirt and hair

Brush your hair clean by handThe most important step to cleaning a hairbrush is to remove excess bristles from the brush, so you’ll have to use your hands to pick up as many strands of hair as you can. But if the hair is firmly attached to the base, your hands may not be able to easily remove it, so you will need a sharp-edged pencil to go through the base of the brush. Gently lift the pencil above the bristles along with a layer of bristles and stacked dirt. Select the layer from your hand and remove it from the brush. Repeat the process until you have removed most of the dirt and hair from it.

Step 2 – Wet the dryer sheets

Read more: How to use a laser to hang picturesHairbrush dipped in bowl with dryer sheetTake a large bowl and fill it with warm water. Make sure the size of the bowl is large enough to accommodate your number of combs and combs. Dip at least two or more fresh dryer sheets in warm water. And soak the brush in the solution for three hours. Soaking multiple brushes and combs will save your time, no doubt. Your efforts will be the same, and you’ll be cleaning all your brushes in no time. This method is best for synthetic and plastic brushes because warm water is safe for them. But dipping a wooden brush in this solution is not a good idea – water can warp the material.

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Step 3 – Rinse the brush thoroughly

After soaking the brush for three hours, you will see that the dirt that was previously trapped inside the bristles will begin to separate from it, the bond between the bristles, dirt, foundation and bristles will begin to weaken. and cleaning the brush becomes easier. You must wash the brush thoroughly with warm water and rub it. So it’s best to use a toothbrush to reach the base of the bristles, where dust and bristles often accumulate.

Step 4 – Dry the hairbrush, finally

So this is the last step, and you need to be extra vigilant here. Trust me, if you don’t dry your brush properly, mold and bacteria can grow, and the lifespan of your hairbrush can be reduced. That way, every drop of water will come out of the base and your brush will be properly dried. First, rub the brush thoroughly with a dry towel before placing the brush and dry it to let the brush drain naturally. That’s all – thanks! You have successfully cleaned your delicate hairbrush without much effort.

Method #2 – Step by Step

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your brush clean, bristle-free and dirt-free even after brushing it through? If you are a lazy person and can’t have enough time to wash your hair right now, why don’t you think about keeping it clean? So you won’t need to wash it again, removing the dust and strand mix from stubborn hairs is a pain in the ass – the reason most people hesitate to do it. Heel?) This is a smart approach; You will definitely enjoy keeping your hairbrush tangle-free! Get down to business now!

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Step 1 – Clean the brush

Before you get into the correct process, make sure your brushes are cleaned properly. If there are any hairs stuck to the bristles covered in dirt, remove them and clean them thoroughly.

Step 2 -Prepare the dryer sheet

Take a piece of scented and unused drying paper out of your pack and start the process. Don’t forget to stretch the paper as far as you can by pulling it from the ends. You may be wondering why stretching is important, right? Well, if you want to smoothly insert the paper into the bristles, the stretched version will do the job well. The fibers will loosen and separate, creating small holes to pass through the bristles.

Step 3 – Place the dryer sheet on the brush

Now place the stretched version of the drying paper on the top of the bristles. You’ll have to apply some force to poke the paper into the bristles, making sure that all the hairs come out of the paper and the paper rests on the base of the brush.

Step 4 – Comb your hair

With the sheets in the bristles, run the comb through your hair to comb them perfectly. Hair and dirt that was supposed to accumulate at the base are now collected on the dryer sheet.

Step 5 – Remove the dryer sheet

After combing your hair, you have to pull the paper out of the bristles and put it in the dustbin, the good thing is you will find your brush base neat and clean. All the hairs ended up in the trash along with the unlucky dryer sheet. You can also apply this technique to your comb. The whole process is the same as collecting hair to prevent hair from gathering between the hairs, but cleaning a comb is easier than a comb, so it’s okay if you don’t use a blow dryer while combing your hair. .

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Key point

Just as dryer sheets are becoming more common in segregation of static electricity in laundromats, beauty enthusiasts have discovered that dryer sheets have the same effect on hair, – helping Leaves hair softer and more comfortable. the most important problem – hair loss; You can take appropriate measures to keep your hairbrush and home clean. That’s all you can do by putting a dryer sheet to use.

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