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Hair and beard growth in RDR2 is one of the many mechanics in the game. It seems like something just added for show, but it has a practical purpose. To grow beard and hair in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to let time pass. However, for maximum length you will also need our Red Dead 2 hair tonic. Red Dead Redemption 2 hair and beard The guide will explain how to grow your beard and hair, how to get hair tonics, and how to use them to make the process faster.Red Dead Redemption 2 Hair & Beard Tonic – Find and How to Use

How to grow hair and beard in Red Dead Redemption 2?

To grow hair and beard in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need time, money, and patience. Both Arthur’s hair and beard grow in stages, and it starts in Chapter 2. You’d think this was just cosmetic, but it turns out it’s not. Changing your appearance as much as possible can obviously get you where you want to be, as it makes you harder to notice. So, let’s take a closer look at this. Your hair growth has eight stages; the first one was bald, and eight was the longest he could get. Hair only grows one phase at a time whenever you go through the loading screen – fast move, respawn, cut scenes, sleep, start a new chapter, etc. Hair stages take different time intervals. to pass in the game. Here’s the tempo: two days, two days, four days, eight days, twelve days, twenty days, and twenty days. You can speed up this process by taking a hair tonic. Read more: how to connect two coax cables to a tv Beard has 11 stages of development; one is an extremely clean shave (which you only get from a barber), to eleven is the ultimate hipster woodworker. The growth rate is the same as that of hair, but the natural growth of the beard only stops at the sixth stage. In order for your hair to grow longer than that (and to speed up the process), you’ll need a hair tonic. This brings us to our next topic.

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How to Get and Use Hair Tonic in Red Dead Redemption 2?

To buy the Hair Tonic in Red Dead Redemption 2, all you really have to do is go to any general store you can find. That’s really all there is to do. Just flip through your inventory until you get to the page with hair tonics. A hair tonic will cost you $3.75, so it shouldn’t be too expensive to buy them. You might also come across a hair tonic or two while exploring the underworld, but really, why bother? The general store is absolutely your best friend when it comes to RDR2 Hair Tonic.How to get Rdr2 additional hair and beard how to growUsing hair tonics in RDR2 is as simple as taking them; wherever and whenever. A tonic that doubles the rate of hair growth. The effect of taking up to three tonics, speeding up the process to x4 and x8, respectively. And, as we mentioned before, maximum beard growth requires taking a lot of hair supplements.

Where to find RDR2 Hair Tonic in stock?

Read more: how to attach beads to braids with an elastic band To find hair tonics in the RDR2 inventory, you’ll have to go to the Kits tab in your carry bag. This has caused some confusion with players, and who can blame them? Any other elixir or potions or whatever you want to call them are in the Tonic tab in your pouch. You would expect hair tonics to be on the Tonic menu. It’s right there in the name. But not. It’s in Kits. Why? Who knows. Maybe this is a bug that Rockstar will fix in the near future. However, as it stands, the Red Dead Redemption 2 hair tonic is in the Kits sub-menu in your inventory.where to find red dead red hair tonic 2 in stockWe have plenty of other Red Dead Redemption 2 guides for you, if you’re having trouble with something else in the game. Among many others, there are Aberdeen Pig Farm Locations – Drink or Leave, How to Get Honor, and How to Get Out of the Bounty. If you get stuck at another point, you might want to check out some of the other tutorials we have. We’ve written about mysteries like the missing person Gavin, the prisoner Rhodes Gunsmith, the locked door at Dr. Valentine. We also have a guide showing how to rob stores without getting bonuses or where to sell jewelry and gold bars. If it’s collectibles or important items you’re after, we’ve found all the Penny Dreadful comics, Chick’s treasure map locations or the famous Dutch pipe. Finally, if you’re not interested in exploring the map yourself, you can check out a guide to Watson’s Cabin and Catfish Jackson’s Homestead locations. In the latest Red Dead Online Moonshiners update, you will have a chance to find Navy Revolver and the best camp locations. Read more: How to change your Snapchat icon color | Top Q&A

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