How To Change Door Hinge Pins On 2000 Chevy Silverado

The large doors on GM’s full-size trucks and SUVs are heavy, and hinges can eventually wear out. If you can’t close the doors of your Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, or Tahoe or GMC Sierra or 1988-2000 without a loud bang and notice that they hang low when opened, it’s time to replace the door hinges. Door hinge pins on 2000 chevy silverado The culprits are usually the pins and bushings, which start to allow your hinges to work too much. Luckily, changing your door hinges isn’t too complicated, although there are a few steps that a strong friend will help you with! There is a specific GM door spring tool designed to make it easier to replace or reinstall the GM door hinge spring, but even if you don’t have the tool, you can still do the job. do this at home – we’ll show you a little trick! How to fix sagging doors on your Chevy truck, GMC pickup or SUV? Just follow the steps below!Quick path:

  • Tools necessary
  • Necessary parts
  • Step by step process

Tools necessary:

Read more: how to create shapes in illustrator To change the pins and bushings of GM truck or SUV door hinges, you will need:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • hammer
  • Extension rod or metal rod – for nailing to dowels
  • 9mm extension (or other similarly sized extension) slides over the pin – to install the retaining clips
  • Hydraulic jack
  • 2 x 4 wood chips (optional)
  • Oil penetration
  • GM door spring tools OR accessories, fasteners and box cutters or sharp blades
  • Cardboard or carpet or plywood to protect your windshield
  • Protective glasses
  • Assistant

Parts needed:

  • New door hinge pin
  • New bushing
  • New spring (optional)

Be sure to select the door hinge pins and bushings that match the make, model, and year of your Chevrolet or GMC truck or SUV. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles – the retaining clips and springs can be difficult to remove and they can come off when eventually. Shop Door hinge clamps » Shop bushings » You should also protect your windshield with a thick layer of carpet or plywood. When you’re hitting the top hinge pin, a swing and slip could mean a cracked windshield.

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Steps to replace your door hinge pin, bushings and springs

Start by making sure you have enough room to fully open the truck door, so you can access the hinges more easily. Then follow these steps:Remove the door spring, old hinge pin and bushing:

  • Remove the retaining clip on top of the top hinge pin with a screwdriver and pliers. Start screwing it loose with the tip of a screwdriver, then take it and work it loose with pliers.
  • Remove the door spring behind the hinge – between the hinge and the door – by locating the end of the spring and inserting a screwdriver between it and the hinge. Pry the door as a lever until the spring pops out.
  • Spray penetrating oil on the top and bottom of the pins, in the bushing, to make it easier to close the latch.
  • Place your long extension on top of the pin and carefully knock it down to dislodge the latch, being careful not to hit the windshield or other parts of the vehicle.
  • Now, it’s time to get your assistant!

  • Remove the retaining clip at the bottom of the bottom hinge pin with a screwdriver and pliers. Start screwing it loose with the tip of a screwdriver, then take it and work it loose with pliers.
  • Place your jack to hold the end of the door to support the weight when the bottom latch pops out. Have your assistant hold the door so that it rests on the jack and does not fall. Pro tip: You can use a 2 x 4 piece of wood to better distribute the weight of the door.
  • Spray penetrating oil on the top and bottom of the pin, at the bushing, to make it easier to remove the pin.
  • Carefully use the hammer from the bottom to dislodge the latch, making sure your helper is holding the door on the jack to support the weight. You may have to ask the assistant to gently shake the door if the latch is on the hinge. You can also clamp the top of the pin with pliers when you start working it loose and tap your pliers with a hammer to fully pop out and remove the pin. Pro tip: You can use a rag to protect the paint on the door by covering the area before hammering on the latch.
  • Use your flat head screwdriver to pry the old bushings out.
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    Now replace the old hinge pins and bushings and put the door back together:

  • Insert the new bushings, taking care to match the different dimensions and their position on each hinge. Pro tip: For the top hinge, the larger bushing goes into the bottom part of the hinge while the smaller bushing goes into the top part of the hinge. For the bottom hinge, the larger bushing goes into the top part of the hinge while the smaller bushing goes into the bottom part of the hinge. In both cases, the head of the hinge bolt goes at the larger of the two bushings.
  • Gently close the four bushings into place. Remember that the bushing goes in the car part of the hinge, not the door part.
  • With the weight of your door still on the jack, work with your assistant to align the hinges and begin sliding the hinge pins into place through the bushings – bottom first then on top of. Lightly hammer at first, then use stronger hammer at the end to fully attach the pins to the new bushing.
  • Place your new thermos clamps on the bushings and use a small socket or a small piece of hollow pipe to close the washers into place, making sure they are fully seated to keep the pins from coming loose.
  • Read more: how to level up fast in Platoon 2 2020Reinstall the door spring with or without the GM door spring tool:

  • If you have a specific GM door spring tool (spring compressor) to replace the door spring, follow the instructions included with, you do NOT have a GM spring tool, you can compress the spring in a body and use plastic buckles -ties to keep it compressed while you install it.Pro tip: Loosen your three zip straps before you compress the springs, and tighten them once you’ve placed the springs on top. Be careful to keep the springs on the side and not at the ends, in case the zippers break. Make sure you wear eye protection as you push the compression spring into carefully cutting two of the lanyards. It can help close the door a little when you do this and can also rotate the compression spring to access the second zip fastener. The third zip fastener is difficult to cut, but it will quickly break on its own when you open and close the door, pulling the spring into place.
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    How to reinstall the spring doorRepeat these steps for your other doors if those hinges also need to be replaced. You will notice that your doors no longer sag and open and close more easily. If you have any questions, you can contact our team at Raybuck. We’re happy to give you additional tips and suggestions to assist you in replacing the hinge pins on your older Chevrolet or GMC.Have you replaced the door hinge pins, bushings, and springs on your Chevy or GMC truck? Share any tips with us in the comments section below!Read more: how to get smoke out of the mattress

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