How To Change Belt On Shark Navigator Vacuum

If your Shark vacuum is losing suction or making strange noises when you clean it, it may need a new belt. A damaged vacuum belt can cause your brush roller to stop spinning. And this can cause a lot of trouble when you’re vacuuming, but don’t stress! You can easily fix and replace the belt on your shark vacuum cleaner with this simple guide to changing the belt on your Shark vacuum. So you can go back to enjoying efficient cleaning. With these simple steps, you can easily maintain your belts to keep your vacuum cleaner as clean as new.

How often should you change the Shark vacuum belt?


According to Shark, the power nozzle belt on the shark vacuum cleaner may require change sometimes. However, how often you need to change will depend on how often you use your vacuum. Belts usually do not need to be changed every year. So it is important to have it checked as soon as you notice any changes in the straws. Or if your vacuum cleaner makes strange noises, you also need to maintain the vacuum roller brush properly in order for the vacuum to work properly. You can do this by removing any bristles or debris that may be tangled around the brush roller. And use scissors to cut off any debris that might get caught in the roller.

Shark Vacuum Belt Replacement – Step by Step

You can use this guide to replace the belt on any Shark upright vacuum cleaner model. However, the belt access method may vary for different models, for example, accessing the belt on this Shark Navigator Lift-Away model is a straightforward process. You only have to unscrew the screws holding the bottom plate to get to the straps.

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What you need

Step by step instructions

1. Disconnecting the Vacuum Cleaner Read more: How to Copy Unselectable Text on the Screen Before starting, always make sure that you have disconnected the Vacuum from the power source. Turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug the power cord from the outlet to ensure there is no risk of electric shock when you change the Shark belt. Remove the bottom plate Then place your vacuum cleaner body on the floor and turn it upside down so you can access the bottom plate. On some shark vacuums, you can lock the body in an upright position to access the cleaning head. Use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew and remove the screws on the bottom plate of the suction body. There may be 2 to 8 screws, but this will depend on your model. There may also be hidden screws behind the wheel or hose connection cap. – The vacuum cleaner goes far.3. Slide the belt from the roller brush If the belt breaks, you will need to remove it from the roller brush to replace it. But make sure you remove all the loose pieces before removing the belt from the brush roller. Hold the roller brush at both ends and lift it off the vacuum holder on one side. Pull out the brush roller on the opposite side and then, slide the belt away from the brush roller and motor. You can also use scissors to cut off any tangled or tangled hair on the roller. If you notice any wear and tear, you need to replace the belt. Install the new belt by placing one end of the new belt on the motor shaft. Next, stretch it over the other side of the motor and roller brush and thread it into the space between the hairs. Read more: how to mute player in csgo Make sure there is no twist in the belt so each part can rotate smoothly. Finally, push the ends of the roller brush into the slots. Make sure you fasten the belt after pushing in. To center the belt, rotate the floor brush roller several times. Reattach the cover Finally, reattach the roller cover to the base. And use your screwdriver to re-tighten the screws to secure the vacuum head roller cover. Make sure each screw is tightened and the roller cover is in place before turning your machine back on.Related topics

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Better cleaning

Regular use of the Shark vacuum can lead to wear and tear on your vacuum belt. And this can prevent the brush from spinning as you clean. This can lead to loss of suction which we all know can be a hassle! However, replacing your belts with these simple tips can give you energy again. Follow our instructions to make sure your vacuum cleaner belt is working properly. Or if your vacuum is making strange noises, remove the hood’s bottom plate cover to access the belt. If you notice any wear and tear, make sure you replace it immediately. Always fix the bottom plate back to the hood properly before turning it back on. Let us know if you have any questions on how to fix or change the Shark vacuum belt in the comments section below. And if you have a friend who owns a Shark vacuum, share this guide with them! Read more: How to get rid of merchant beetles

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