How To Build A Outboard Motor Stand

Recently, when I purchased an outboard motor, I needed a stand to keep it running while I finished building my Glen-L boat. I found a few good tutorials online for building your own foothold. However, I wanted my rack to have the same 12 degree angle of motion found in many of Glen-L’s offshore boat designs. Borrowing ideas from some of the better tutorials I found, I made some basic modifications and came up with this result. boards, (2) common wheels, (2) locking wheels, circular saws, circular saws, cordless drills, components. bar clamp, 3” wood screw and 16” 1” delay screw.

Start on the base


(When attaching parts during construction, pre-drill the holes before screwing.) Start by cutting four 2×4 pieces: two 36” long and two 24” long. The 36” pieces will form the base of the motor mount. Take two 36″ base pieces and decide which will be the front end and the rear end. Measure and mark a 16” line on the back of the front ends. This will mark the position for the vertical racks. (*Note: for lighter engines, such as my 8hp rated for 81 lbs, you can also mark this line at 18. ) ) Attach a 24” pad so it connects the two pieces 36” base at the front end. This will form part of the “rack” for holding the fuel tank, etc. You may find it helpful to use only one screw per head, so that you can easily arrange the assembly when adding the following components. this. Set the second 24” piece aside for this moment.

More support blocks

Set your cutting saw at a 12 degree angle Read more: Fix: Overwatch Crashing Cut two 4” 2×4 pieces so that one end has a 12 degree cut and the other is the left square. Make sure both pieces are the same size. Cut the top square if needed. These pieces will be the blocks that will support the vertical sections of the engine rack. Place one of these 4” support blocks upright on one of the 36” base pieces. Align it in front of the line you marked earlier. Using this piece as a guide, mark another straight line on the 36″ base piece on the front of the vertical block. Repeat on the other 36” base piece. You should now have two lines marked on each base piece. Place the 4” support block on the 36” base plate so that the short side of the block is in contact with the base. Align the angular end of the block to the second line you marked. The angular end of the block now faces the rear end of the base. Fasten the 4” support block to the 36” base. Repeat on another 36” base piece. Fit the second 24” piece you cut earlier with the squared ends of the 4” support blocks. Make sure the assembly is square and fasten this 24” piece to the 36” base pieces as shown. This will form the rear end of the fuel tank rack etc. If you are only using 1 screw for each side of the original cross, go ahead and add more screws to prevent any bending or shifting. displacement of the sole.

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Construction of vertical racks

With your angle saw set to cut at 12 degrees, measure and cut in two 32” lengths of 2×4, so that one end has a corner cut and the other remains square. These will be the vertical pieces of the engine rack. Measure and cut a 24” piece measuring 2×8. This will be the motor board. Both ends must be square. Align two 32-inch vertical supports on the floor so that their corner ends align. The long sides should point upwards. Place the 2×8 motor board on the vertical plates and align it with the top or square ends. Using the 2×8 motor board as a guide, draw a horizontal line across the 32-inch vertical supports. Place the base assembly on its side, on the floor. Fit the corner end of one of the 32” vertical brackets into position relative to the 36” base and the 4” block corner trim. Using the block as a guide, mark a line across the 32″ vertical stand. Repeat on the other 32” vertical support. Read more: how to handle a gemini man You should now have two highlighted lines on each vertical support. Measure the distance between these two lines. It should be approximately 23.5″. With your ruler set to cut at 12 degrees, cut two more 2×4 pieces to the length you just measured. One end must have an angled cut. The other end should remain squared. Make sure that the short side of this piece is equal to the distance you measured it, (about 23.5″). These pieces will strengthen the vertical supports. Align each 23.5” reinforcement to each 32” vertical bracket. The short side of the reinforcement shall lie between the two lines marked on the long side of the vertical support. Fasten into position Mount the motor board in place on the vertical supports, making sure that the assembly is square.

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More wheels

Turn the base assembly upside down on the floor. Place, mark, and snap the casters in place as shown, using 1” hysteresis screws.

Attach the engine bracket assembly to the base

Take both the engine mount assembly and the base assembly, and lay them on their side on the floor. Fit them together and clamp them in place. Fasten them together by driving two 3” wood screws upwards through the base and into the bottom of the vertical bracket. Drive the third 3” wood screw through the back of the vertical bracket & into the 4” support block. Carefully turn the assembly upside down and repeat these steps on the other side. Place a longer 2×4 section below the rear end of the stand and place it between the base and the motor board. This will be the rear rack of the motor board assembly, so arrange it for maximum support for the motor board. Using the base and vertical stand as a guide, mark lines on this 2×4 piece. Cut along these lines. This will be the motor board holder. Using the motor board holder as a template, mark and cut an identical piece from another measuring 2 × 4. Insert each motor board holder into place and secure in place with 3 wood screws 3. “as illustrated. Come back and admire your work. You are done! Read more: how to deodorize rat urine of wood

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