How To Remove Seeds From Strawberries

By the way, strawberries, not real berries, wear seeds on their sleeves. Although I have never counted them, someone has determined that the outside of a strawberry contains more than 200 seeds and each of these seeds. The seed represents a potential strawberry plant. Now, how to get the seeds out of the strawberry and into the garden? It’s not as difficult as you think. Just follow these simple steps and you will find links to all the tools needed to grow strawberries from seed in the Resources section at the bottom of this post.

Tools you’ll need to get the seeds out of a strawberry


  • Grinder
  • Fine sieve or cheesecloth and strainer
  • Bowl
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Planting crates
  • Cactus mix
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Plastic wrap
  • Small, individual planter pots
  • Soil pH test kit
  • 5-10-10 or similar fertilizer

Follow these steps to remove seeds from strawberries

1. Use fully ripe strawberries – those that are too ripe and mushy to eat. Place the strawberries in a blender and blend on the lowest speed for 10 seconds. Let the strawberries puree until they settle. The bad seeds will float to the top, so scoop those out and discard them. Pour the rest of the mixture into a fine sieve, place over a bowl and let it drip through, leaving the seeds. If you don’t have a sieve, line a sieve with four or five layers of cheesecloth and place the sieve over a bowl.Read more: how to record google encounters without g suite4. Soak the strawberry seeds in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. It is important to remove all pulp from the seed. However, because they are so small it’s not always possible, so the peroxide will hopefully stop the fungus. Pour the cactus mixture into the cells in the seeding tray and water each cell until the mixture is completely saturated. Set the tray aside to drain completely. Place the strawberry seeds on top of the cactus mixture. You can sow up to three or four seeds per plot. Spread a shallow layer of potting mix over the seeds and saturate the seed coat with water. Cover the container with food wrap and keep it in a greenhouse or room not warmer than 75 degrees Celsius, they must receive indirect sunlight and suitable humidity. While the plastic wrap should keep the soil moist, check it periodically and if the soil is dry, spray it with water. Remove the plastic wrap when the seeds germinate – which can take up to a month – and keep moist and expose to indirect sunlight. Transplant the seedlings into their own pots when they are large enough to handle as they will need to be planted until fall, when you can get them out into the garden. Test your soil’s pH about 6 months before planting, and if it’s not between 6.0 and 6.3, you’ll need to make adjustments to bring the pH into the proper range for strawberries. Your soil test kit should list what to use and how much to raise or lower the pH of your soil. Find a link to an inexpensive kit for sale in the Resources section, below. Improve the soil with 2 pounds of 5-10-10 fertilizer for every 100 square feet of planting bed, two weeks before planting. For six weeks, fertilize the plant with one pound of the same fertilizer per 100 square feet. The safest way to do this (to avoid burning the strawberry roots) is to fertilize. This method of fertilizing requires you to dig a trench, about 8 inches from the row of strawberry plants, and about 2 to 3 inches deep. Spread the compost along the length of the bottom of the trench, cover with soil, and water to a depth of 6 inches. Repeat this process in August.

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Sparse fabric

Hydrogen peroxide

Seed Start Tray

Cactus mix

6 inch planter pot

Soil test kit


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