how to bring brazilian hair back to life

Brazilian hair also known as brazilian wave with brazilian body hair, brazilian curly hair, brazilian straight hair, etc., using 100% virgin hair to create softness,wet and wavy hair style. A connoisseur can apply the Brazilian hairstyle in any weaving technique that you like, giving you the freedom to choose. So more and more women love Brazilian hair bundles or other Brazilian hair products. hair weaving you buy, they all have a limited period of time that they are suggested to last. There will come a point where it can start to look brittle, dull, or tangled. Most people decide it’s time to go out and buy new virgin hair transaction package, but there are several methods I use to turn old damaged textiles into shiny, soft hair. Today, we’ll tell you how to bring your old Brazilian weave back to life.

What you will need

How to bring the Brazilian weave back to life?

Brazilian straight hairClick and shop now1. Brush and disassembleJust like your hair, before you style it, be sure to untangle it first. It can be difficult or even difficult, but it has to be done. You can’t wash your hair or brush with a wide tooth brush without first removing it. Depending on how tangled and matte it is, you can add some conditioner as you detangle to loosen and prevent slipping.2. Soak your hairOnce the hair has been thoroughly separated, you want to soak it. I like to soak in a silicone blend shampoo that is diluted with water. The silicone blend shampoo will clean the hair and remove any build-up and residue that may be left on the strands and on the entire hair.3. WashingFirst, you want to wash off the silicone blend shampoo. Remember to rinse your hair from top to bottom and gently so it doesn’t get tangled. You can use a clarifying shampoo to remove any remaining build-up from your hair, then wash your hair with a regular cleansing shampoo.wavy straight hair4. Deep conditionerNow that you have washed your hair, you then need to condition it with the conditioner of your choice. Leave conditioner on hair for 15-20 minutes to soften hair. If you’re washing your hair with textiles or wigs, then you can even sit in the dryer for 15-20 minutes with conditioner, then rinse.5. Dry airWhether your hair is in place or not, you can let it air dry. If you’re wearing a braid, you’ll want to make sure the braids underneath are completely dry, so you can sit in the dryer for a bit.

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Video tutorial

Watch this video to learn more care tips to make your Brazilian hair come to life. Brazilian hair weave pack Washed, condition and blow-dried, your hair will look revitalized! It’s ready for another install or will be on hold for a few more weeks.

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