Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Laptop

When it comes to personalizing things, we are masters at adding our own customization details to our content. Whether it’s the tiniest details in our room or the larger pieces of decor in our home, clothes or accessories, we just love to put our own creative spin on things. we buy. Just because we can’t make something ourselves doesn’t mean we still can’t embellish it to express our individuality! Even our most expensive pieces of technology are known to have gone through DIY makeup and our laptops are no exception. 15 great ways to safely decorate your personal computer without damaging it! Read: how to decorate your laptop

1. Pop culture and Internet notebook stickers


SEE IN GALLERYAre you a major social media professional who maintains a major social media presence and enjoys sharing your life or expertise online where you can help your followers your own learn things or share shop? Then what better way to decorate your laptop than pop culture and social media stickers? Katherine Elizabeth guides you through the process of creating and organizing various logos and sayings that relate to your online life and tastes.

2. Striped and glittering hand painted case

SEE IN GALLERYStriped and sparkling hand-painted shellDo you really already have a slim, clickable laptop case that covers the outside of your computer but you can’t help but feel that it’s a bit too plain for your taste? Well, you can buy one that looks more interesting, but we think it’s a lot more fun and satisfying to simply customize the one you already have for a little extra style! That doesn’t mean you have to be complicated; Lisa Pullano transformed them in a stylish way by adding a few chic messy painted stripes to contrast with some of the bands made entirely of glitter.

3. Striped patterned washi tape

SEE IN GALLERYPatterned washi ribbonsYou love the plaid idea but you don’t really get the case, so you’re not sure if paint is the best way for you? Well, we like to say it was a wise decision, but we also want you to know that it doesn’t mean you can’t have your stripes! See how Apartment Therapy created an eye-catching striped pattern right on the outside of their laptop using brightly colored and patterned duct tape.

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4. Hand-painted galaxy notebook

SEE IN GALLERYGalaxy Notebook ManualIs your laptop really an older model that you built, modified, and put together because you are a bit of a geek and you want to give it a certain combination of features that store-bought laptops don’t usually come with an affordable price tag? Well, since it’s already a DIY, why not take it to the next level and add your own design? If you’re a skilled painter and you think you can be careful enough with the splash technique to keep your work under control on a piece of technology, we have a feeling you’ll love it. recreating this beautiful Milky Way paint job by Park Rin.

5. Tumblr-inspired cut-out decor

Read more: how to wear red boots with jeansTumblr inspired by cutout decorationAre you an avid Tumblr user who has always loved aesthetic blogs, cute theme images, and browsing through people’s memes or cartoons and illustrations? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to get a real hit from the way Lydia Deramchia creates these amazing Tumblr-inspired crop photos, which include all sorts of trending images, emojis, and more. emojis and jokes online.

6. Rainbow dot paint design

SEE IN GALLERYRainbow dot paint designAre you intrigued by the idea of ​​hand-drawing a design right on your laptop, but want to create something a little more subtle and easy to store in a corner? Perhaps you want to create a smaller design because you want to be able to mimic it on your smaller devices too! In that case, we thought maybe this lovely polka dot pattern, inspired by the pointillism technique, might be the best idea for you. See how to do it in more detail on Cakes, Carrots, and Curls!

7. DIY mermaid notebook skin

SEE IN GALLERYDIY mermaid notebook skinIf you are going to decorate your own laptop skin, do you want to create something so eye-catching that people won’t believe you made it yourself? Then perhaps embellishing it a little more than tape or paint is the best idea for you. We couldn’t get over the stunning finish of this Quiet Lion-designed mermaid laptop skin.

8. wood grain in contact with laptop skin

SEE IN GALLERYWood grain in contact with notebook leather

There are all kinds of laptop skins available in visually stunning colors, patterns, and textures online that you can buy in stores or online, but if you can’t find the exact what are you looking for? Well, we think that’s exactly the situation where your DIY skills could save the day! This tutorial from Apartment Therapy walks you through the process of making a skin sticker on a laptop, specifically a beautiful wood grain design, from contact paper.

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9. Personalized flower notebook skin

SEE IN GALLERYPersonalized flower notebook skinAre you a big fan of the mermaid idea we showed you, but you prefer the idea of ​​using 3D decorations and rhinestones rather than because you love mermaids? In that case, here’s another design that uses the same DIY jewelry but in a slightly more subtle way! Cici Dawn shows you how to create cute floral corners to accompany the embossed letters that spell out your name.

10. Custom magazine collage notebook skin

SEE IN GALLERYCustom magazine collage notebook skinRead more: how to make a quail airplane pen Are you looking at your laptop case and thinking how good it will look but you’re not sure if you have time to work hard or specifically what Your own stickers cut themed? Then why not go back to your old kid’s crafting days and stick your resume cover in a brightly colored magazine collage? Jennifer Omaly shows you how to make it as a decorative craft.

11. Laptop leather patch jacket

SEE IN GALLERYLaptop leather patch jacketYou’ve been collecting jacket patches for a while because you’ve had a dream of sewing them into an old denim jacket to make a cool custom jacket, but you never made it because you received figured out how time-consuming it would be to sew around the edges of each piece. it is in? Well, why not reuse those patches into another project which is easier? We love how A Little Craft in Your Day glues them all to the top surface of a case for a fun, neat effect.

12. Instagram inspired laptop skin

SEE IN GALLERYinstagram inspired laptop skinAre you the nostalgic type who mostly has an Instagram account because it gives you somewhere to collect all your memories in one place, making it easy to scroll through when you’re bored? Then why not pick up some of your favorites and recreate this Instagram-inspired case from LaurDIY! We love how they arrange the case to mimic the grid layout of your actual Instagram feed in the app.

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13. Glitter Dot Vinyl DIY Laptop Leather

SEE IN GALLERYGlitter Vinyl Dotted DIY Laptop LeatherAre you intrigued by the dot hand painting case we showed you earlier, but you want to make your dots a little bigger and eye-catching because you don’t plan to make your phone or Is your tablet suitable? Then maybe you love this laptop decor with glittery polka dots created by Stephanie Lynn! It adds a bit of glitz and glamor without taking things too seriously.

14. Keyboard keys with pretty patterns

SEE IN GALLERYThe keyboard keys have a pretty patternAre you really so used to working on your laptop after years of schooling, writing, and office work that you don’t even need to look down at the keys to use the calculator anymore? So why not give them a super fun upgrade instead of just leaving them with their original labels? We love how it was done with Danielle that used an interesting contrast scheme of washi tape cut to size to cover each key.

15. Printed wax paper and lamination notebook skin design

SEE IN GALLERYPrinted wax paper and laminated notebook skin designAre you intrigued by the idea of ​​making your own printed laptop case but not sure if the contact paper idea we showed you earlier is the right tutorial for you? Then here’s a slightly easier alternative that uses a few different materials. See how The Fantesstic Life created a beautifully patterned laptop skin from wax paper and laminated in just a few easy steps! Read more: Four Shells, Five Answers: Obi Divination – Orichas’ Mouth

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