8 Vegan Foods You’re Pronouncing Wrong

We’ve all been there: we’re having dinner, sitting across from the person we want to impress, casually glancing at the menu as our anxiety levels rise. The panic didn’t come from the boss asking us to work our weekends or our day telling us they were married but the hard-to-pronounce ingredients listed on the menu. . “I am a vegetarian,” we say to ourselves, “I must know these things!” We don’t even think about scrubbing the back of each label — twice — to make sure there’s no lactose or casein. We search the internet for superfood supplements and avoid beauty products with retinol or shellac. And we still don’t know how to pronounce one of today’s most popular vegan cheese brands. For those of you who stopped consulting the Oxford English Dictionary the day you graduated from college, VegNews has created a guide to help you pronounce common menu dishes. We may not be able to get you Saturday off or your future partner’s divorce from their current spouse, but we can guarantee you to order a seitan sandwich topped with Daiya and Vegenaise with confidence. .1. CarrageenanThis seaweed extract is used as a thickener and stabilizer that is not as hard to pronounce as it seems. The g is hard like in grapes, not “gee” like “gee whiz.”VegNews.Daiya2. DaiyaDaiya may be a cheese-to-die substitute, but the first syllable in the name sounds like daytime, as Daiya makes it easy to eat cheese every day.VegNews.Macau3. MacaThis ancient Peruvian superfood shares the first four letters of macaroni, but doesn’t pronounce it that way. Instead, pretend you’re about to read a sentence by Macarena to get the pronunciation right. Don’t blame us if you start dancing.VegNews.Psyllium4. PsylliumIt’s silly to pronounce the letter p at the beginning of this fiber supplement.VegNews.Quinoa5. QuinoaChances are, you mispronounced this causing it to last three syllables instead of two but that was corrected by a good friend. But in case you’re still stuttering and sweating when you see this ancient cereal on the menu, we’ll help you remember how to say the word correctly: this device will help keep you “excited” to eat quinoa. Read more: FastPokeMap | Top Q&AVegNews.Seitan6. SeitanWith two pronunciations, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you stress both syllables equally. Otherwise, people might think that you worship a god under some authority.VegNews.Spirulina7. SpirulinaIf you’re saying Speer-a-leena, you’re not alone, but you’re not right either. Spirulina begins with spy and rhymes with Carolina as in “North Carolina”. However, we probably won’t change our way — this incorrect pronunciation persists with us.VegNews.Vegenaise8. VeganaiseThis mayo substitute is vegan, but that’s not the name of it. The letter g is soft, pronounced similarly to the g in VegNews. Read more: How to delete recent on snapchat

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