10 Steps to Put Car Window Back on Track

How window grooves work and how car windows align is the same in almost every car.The window glass slides up or down through the handle or the window frame is supported by a scissor-like electronic lifting mechanism. Glass uses rubber that wraps the edges of the window in a steady motion. Read: how to put car windows back on track if your windows are stuck or misaligned, you may need a quick car window repair. You must make sure that the handwheel or the electronic motor is ok before embarking on any car windows, easy fix. Realizing how often the problem of misaligned windows is, we’ve come up with a guide on how to get car windows back on track..

  • Flashlight
  • A pair of Pliers (Needle and pliers)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Ratchet
  • WD-40
  • Ice
  • Wrench

Step-by-step instructions on how to put car windows back on track


Step 1: Take out the car door panel

You will have to get inside the window before making any repairs in case the car window falls into the window.. Also, for less window problems like skewed windows, it’s a good idea to open the car door panel by removing the plastic window motor cover. Now, loosen the nuts that fasten it with a wrench or screwdriver. If the screws are too tight, try using a power tool to remove them. Make sure that there are no other screws before pulling the board out.

Step 2: Remove the Handwheel and other components

You may need to remove the window crank if your car model uses a window handle or power window switch depending on your car model. If there are other door parts such as cup holders and key grooves, be sure to see the manufacturer’s instructions for steps on how to remove these parts. requires advanced tools or a unique removal method.

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Step 3: Remove the door and remove the cover to separate the cable

Remove the door and remove the cover to separate the cableOnce you remove the screws and nuts that hold the door panel in place, you remove the door panel. You can do this by placing a small, sturdy tool under its edges and gently pressing it down to bring it out of the frame. want bit by bit until you completely remove from the frame. Make sure to use pop-out tools specifically for this, although you can improvise with some small struts. .

Step 4: Check Wears on the Window Track

Check out Wears on the Window TrackSometimes misaligned window problems are caused by worn window grooves. You should apply a small amount of white lithium lubricant to the window grooves if you notice any rust on them. In case they are slightly bent, try to get them back in shape with a wrench or any other sturdy tool. one. You should also check to see if the glue used for your window grooves will still work for glued-on grouts. You can touch and feel it if it’s dry and rough with some car glue on it.

Step 5: Check the electronic window motor

Failure of the window motor after a period of time can prevent the window track from working properly and the movement of the pane. This stopping is caused by faulty rails or misaligned rails also can be caused by damage on the motor such as holes and scratches If there is mechanical damage check the electrical settings by connecting a voltmeter to the terminals motor connection. A reading range of +12 to -12 on a volunteer indicates normal operation of the window motor. If all is well electrically and mechanically, then you should check and possibly replace the fuse in the fuse box. Management agency

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Step 6: Look for the faulty cable

Look for a faulty cableWhen doing the procedure on how to put the car windows back in the right direction, you should check the cables as one of them may be damaged. In most cases, a faulty cable is the cause of a misaligned window. Check any cables inside the door machine for wear and tear and make sure they connect correctly to the motor.

Step 7: Drop the Glass Panel to the bottom of the Window Frame

Read more: how to install a water filter on a pull-out faucet Move the glass to the base of the window frame because you are looking to redesign car windows with lines on the interior of the car door called window channels. Try to slide the glass as firmly as possible with one hand. Then try to align the bottom edge with your other hand.

Step 8: Place the Glass on the Track Window

Put the glasses on the tracking windowThe best way to get a car window back on track is to gently push the window glass until it aligns with the rails.. After, Check for spots where it is bent, pressed or plugged, then adjust the glass to its correct position. the instructions are specific to your windows path as they are not the same.

Step 9: Apply lubricant on rollers and slideways

Over time, you will notice that your rollers and grooves will dry out, making it difficult to lower and raise the window. For a car windows quick repair, Remove all dirt from the rollers and grooves with a brush or spray bottle, then apply a layer of white lubricating solution on top. Make sure you use a specific one and avoid using regular WD-40 lubricants if you are not familiar with a particular brand.

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Step 10: Check the window and reconnect the door

Check the window and reconnect the doorAfter rearranging the window screens and checking for damage, be sure to reattach the door panels and any other components you removed. First, reconnect all the cables you disconnected and put back the protective caps. Then, fix the door plate in its normal position and tighten the nuts that you have loosened.

Pack (again)

Know how to put the car windows back in the right direction will save you some money as this problem happens frequently. Instead of calling a repairman, you can reduce the cost of having your car glass back to normal by following the steps in our guide.? Here is a quick fix guide

  • Remove your car door panel
  • Check wiring and track edges for rust and damage
  • Fix the cables correctly and apply lubricant
  • Realign your glass with window grooves

For more information, any questions and other tips, you can leave a comment. Read more: How to sew a cropped shirt without cutting.

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