9 Best Male Korean Hairstyles To Impress The Ladies

The Hallyu wave first took the world by storm in the 1990s, through synchronized K-pop dance performances and addictive Korean dramas. Fast forward to this day, and its popularity is just as explosive as before. While the talent aspect plays an important role, fashionable clothes, flawless makeup looks, and carefully styled hair all contribute to the rising popularity of Korean male stars. So, if you are looking to wow your girlfriend or like a much hotter friend, then go for a Korean men’s hairstyle such as the one made up by their favorite famous Oppas. may be of help to you.

Korean Men’s Long Hairstyles For Guys Who Like Experimenting With Style


1. Long padlock with flowers

If you are looking to grow your hair long but are afraid it will look too messy, this Korean men’s hairstyle is for you. For an easy yet neat look with this relaxed long wavy hairstyle, as seen in Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul. The length will frame your face harmoniously, giving you a softer look that’s also tough, depending on how you style it. Otherwise, you can use the same flat iron to create loose waves for more texture. On days when it is not possible to style a long mane, you can simply tie your hair up with a reliable elastic band.

2. Mullet

BTS V Mullet Korean Men's HairstyleOutfits have long been seen as sloppy and unfashionable, but if anyone can turn this negative perception around, it’s BTS’s resident fashionista, Kim Tae-hyung (V). . To get a feel for this Korean-style mullet for men, create messy curls from the base of your hair, going all the way to the sides and to the longer section of hair. Carefully pull the tool down to the ends of your hair. For longer curls that frame your face, create a more wavy effect by curling inward then outward inch by inch. However, if you are a beginner, then maybe a curling iron is more manageable. Remember to use heat-protective hair products, such as heat-protective spray, to prevent damage.

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3. Surf again

GOT7 JB Long Slicked Back Hair Korean Men's HairstyleFor a sexier alternative, you can never go wrong with a sleek, wet look, as seen here on GOT7’s JB. It creates a seductive and smoldering look, as if you just got home from a swim or just finished showering. It’s basically the Korean version of the “I woke up like this” hairstyle. Fortunately, though, there’s not much styling required. Just apply some L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Wet Look Gel to your curls, for a wet hair effect, and run your fingers through a messy mess, leaving a few strands in place. mind. Easy, right?

Short Korean men’s hairstyles are not fussy for a neat and simple guy

4. Military Second Block

Hyun Bin's Korean military style haircutPhoto by hyunbin_actor Don’t have time to do your hair every day? Then, keep things simple with a military cut and short, straight bangs, like Hyun Bin in his drama Crash Landing On You. It’s not immune to failure and is suitable for every occasion, from job interviews to the inevitable date nights and get-togethers with parents. For a more stylish look, use the hairspray of your choice to push the cut bangs to the side.

5. Messy slim hairstyle

Lee Seung-gi with silly bangsPick the right Korean male hairstyle for an action scene with Lee Seung-gi’s goofy bangs from Vagabond. Seeing as how the actor had to perform all sorts of stunts for the movie, this realistic hairstyle is a great choice for the adventurous, always on the go. There’s barely a string in place when Lee does his action scenes. So, if you have little or no time, or don’t mind fancy hairstyles, then this low maintenance style is the way to go.

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6. Chestnut Hairstyle

Park Seo-joon Korean chestnut hairstylePhoto by bn_sj2013 The chestnut hairstyle that Park Seo-joon showed in Itaewon Class combines functionality and masculinity. It’s the little brother of the buzz cut, but with the bangs cut straight and a bit longer. This look is great for any guy who wants a bold style to reflect their inner confidence and personality. Plus, if looking good isn’t really your thing, don’t force it, but give this bowl a try. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. Show your barber the video below to recreate the look! Recommended Video: Park Seo-joon’s Hair Transformation for Itaewon Class.

Korean men’s hairstyle for the classic look of oppa

7. Parted Bangs

Parted Bangs Korean Men's HairstylePhoto by saythename_17 Read more: How to attach a cap to a bicycle This hairstyle needs no introduction as you’ve certainly seen it on most Korean male stars. It is a hairstyle that has many different forms; from the sleek 4/6 side split to exude confident elegance, to the center curtain to convey your pre-masculine features. The choices are endless, so take your time figuring out which breakup works best for you. The video tutorial below will help once you’ve made up your mind:

8. Comma Hairstyle

Kim Soo-Hyun comma Korean male hairstyleIf you’re wondering why this hairstyle is so named, it’s because the front hair is rolled inward and vaguely mimics a comma. Many Korean male stars have been seen wearing this hairstyle, such as EXO’s Sehun, Kim Soo-Hyun, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, etc. To get this hairstyle, all you need are hair dryers, round barrel combs and curling irons.

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9. Shadow Perm

Lee Dong-wook's curly hairstyleIf you’re into that bouncy, glamorous, and soft curl, then perhaps the glossy curl, like Lee Dong-wook seen in Guardian: The Lonely And Great God, is something you’ll want to try. To ensure that your hair retains its proper volume, it is best to secure the curler with hair wax. In this way you can fully achieve the effects of the permutation. You are better off seeing a professional hairstylist for this hairstyle, as this is a style that cannot be achieved easily without help.

Rock up Korean celebrity-inspired men’s hairstyles for your next date

Once you’ve decided on a hairstyle that suits your taste, it’s time to start reaching your peak glory with the right styling tools and men’s grooming products. Otherwise, you can go to your favorite hair salon and leave your hairstyle in the hands of a professional. Girlfriends love it when you take the time to groom yourself because it means you took that extra time to look good. So get ready to capture your woman’s heart on a date, whether it’s the first date or the 100th! Find more Korean-inspired trends here. Read more: how to wash acrylic yarn blankets

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