Zavarka – How Russians Drink Tea

How to make authentic Russian Tea using the Zavarka (заварка) method. Russian tea culture uses Samovar to make concentrated tea. Russians know their tea and consume the most tea in the world! Drinking tea is more popular in Russia than drinking vodka!

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Traditionally, a Zavarka Russian Tea Recipe (заварка) is made with Russian samovar, which is the original version of the Russian brass teapot. Samovar means self-boiling, traditionally water is boiled from coal or coal. Apparently there are now electric versions of a regular samovar and teapot. But the process of making Russian Tea Zavarka is the same.

How to make Russian tea


What makes this Zavarka Russian Tea (заварка) Recipe different from the British tradition of tea drinking? Zavarka is a concentrated tea made from loose leaf tea. It is then diluted with kipyatok (кипяток) boiling hot water. The dilution allows the drinker to control the strength of the tea. Fill about a quarter of your cup with brewed Zavarka tea, and fill the rest with hot water (kipyatok). Adjust the strength according to your taste.

Do I Need A Samovar to Make Russian Tea?

Read more: how to make a chocolate covered oreo for a baby bath This is a traditional way of doing it since time immemorial. I ordered my Traditional Russian Samovar from eBay and it came from Bulgaria. It still has the Tsar’s Royal Stamp on it, which is great. But this is mainly a decoration. When I brew Zavarka, I use a regular kettle, placing the loose tea in a small teapot to infuse. When done, the zavarka is ready to use!

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Russians love tea!

Russians love to drink tea and consume 3 pounds of tea per person a year! That’s a lot of tea leaves! Compared to the United States, they consume about ½ pound of tea per person. That might surprise people, as Vodka is often associated with Russians, but not all Russians drink Vodka! I know, I’m breaking stereotypes, but stay with me! Drinking tea is a very social thing for Russians and Slavs to do. You invite people to tea (чай), and sit, talk and drink tea for hours. Usually, while eating baked sweets, you can eat sweet treats like my Russian Blueberry Pie, or with spoons of jam between sips. Making Zavarka ensures that the tea concentrate continues to provide more kipyatok. Afternoon tea conversation.How do Russians drink tea?

Tea leaves vs tea bags

Zavarka is a very concentrated beer, and should not be drunk undiluted. I am sure that the amount of caffeine will definitely make your heart skip a beat. Always use quality loose leaf tea instead of tea bags (considered a floor sweeper from the tea factory). That may sound snobby, but trust me! The quality and taste of loose leaf tea is superior, and I don’t find bitterness due to tannins when drinking for a long time. When people use a tea bag, many people will squeeze it when taking it out of the teapot. This releases bitter tannins and spoils your tea. Let’s use tea leaves! When brewing a Zavarka, it is usually mixed with any black tea, and sometimes sweetened with a teaspoon of jam. Russian Caravan tea mimics the original smoky flavor of the long trip it made to Russia, but any quality loose leaf tea works great.

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Why do Russians drink tea with lemon?

Read more: how to plow snow with a tractor Usually tea is enjoyed with milk and sugar, or sometimes nothing at all. In Russia, it is also customary to serve tea with a small slice of lemon. This dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, where tea with lemon was offered to tourists to cure motion sickness. Also, vitamin C supplements don’t hurt either! When drinking black tea with lemon, you do not add milk. It is served black, with added sugar or honey if preferred. It’s really a great way to enjoy tea, I highly recommend it! Finally, this Traditional Russian Tea Recipe has nothing in common with an American invention called Russian Tea, a citrus-spiced tea popular around the holidays. You can see a connection between citrus and black tea, however, Americans often mix it with the powdered drink Tang. I recreated Russian American Tea using real citrus ingredients, if you want to check that out too! I like both styles of tea, but I drink zavarka almost daily. What’s your favorite way to drink tea? Bon Appetite! ого аппетита!Making Zavarka Tea in a Russian Samovar© PetersFoodAdventures.comRead more: How to remove air plants from plants

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