why my ex girlfriend keeps contacting me

If you’re saying “my ex-girlfriend still contacts me” and you don’t know why… listen up. Continue to contact me.And it is important to know this NEGATIVE TRUTH:A woman’s attraction to you isn’t “she fell in love with you at one point in the past, it’s MYSELF when she’s going through it. ONLY IN THIS MOTHER And here’s why this gives you a chance to get her back:Attraction is not “FIXED”, but something MODIFIEDThe attraction is increased, or you can make her less attractive, depending on what you do. if you are thinking “my ex-girlfriend is still contacting me and I don’t know why”… then you should be glad there is a lot to hope for. It is important to be aware of the following mistakes.

5 Toxic Behaviors That Keep Ex-Girlfriends From Falling In Love With You Again


1. Begging, begging, acting weak, needy, desperate and acting like a BIG man

The woman wants a man. That’s what she’s attracted to. Also, you don’t want her to come back to you with regrets, you want her to be attracted to the high heels attracted and want to be in your arms again. But I know you’re feeling really desperate right now, and you feel like you have to get her back no matter what. Just to know that you have her. It’s the “little guy” inside you that wants to feel safe and authentic. trigger attraction to make her fall in love with you again)… you can’t act like a boy… you have to act like a man I mean this makes sense because women want a man emotionally strong man. media player keeps crashing | Top Q&AI if he becomes emotionally weak and acts like a crank when she doesn’t approve… how will he behave when there is a real emergency and her Want him to keep her safe? Is he calm enough to keep it all together or will That’s why women subconsciously give you the “test” of taking her validation… to see how you react. how. I mean, DUH. This does not surprise anyone. Any guy can bring out his best personality when a cute girl laughs at his jokes and always gives him 100% approval. But women are very intelligent. It wants to filter out the weak and keep the strong men when things get tough. Which man will be the rock when her emotions fluctuate wildly?

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2. Agree to keep just friends

This is something I will cover in more depth in this article. when your ex contacts you after a long time… When your ex-girlfriend gets back in touch after a long time without contact, old feelings flare up and you suddenly think about her again. too much. That’s why your ex-girlfriend is constantly contacting you…it’s not all that bad, however, pay attention to what to do next because most men are wrong about this. The next mistake is a big “trap” that almost all guys fall into.

4. Try to convince her to “get back together” with you

We men are very impatient, when given the opportunity to get our ex-girlfriends back, we jump on the gun and try to quickly get everything back as it was. that is you are skipping the necessary steps to attract a girl and make her want to be your girlfriend. This is why trying to restore the relationship is mistake #2 in this report. Instead, start from scratch, especially, avoid playing the role of “boyfriend”… and learn to play the role of “lover”. Ex-girlfriend has a boyfriend

5. Play the role of “Boyfriend”… not “Lover”

Focus on being lovers and having fun. Read more: Why the summer bay is flying the Norwegian flag When a woman realizes that you want to enter a “serious relationship”… and your feelings depend on judging her as your girlfriend. to feel satisfied. yourself… that’s when everything changed and she started texting you less. Because she lost attraction to you. And then she becomes distant, starts ignoring your texts and saying things like “I’m not ready for a relationship”… or “I need space”. to meet you, set up fun dates that lead to “physical”… and you will be able to easily attract her and get her back into your life, texting you first and getting excited when I meet you… But as long as you don’t…

  • Don’t bring emotions
  • Don’t talk about “getting back together”
  • Don’t talk about past mistakes
  • Don’t engage in “relationship talk” and try to convince her to be your “official” girlfriend again.
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Remember: Be a lover, not a boyfriend.

How did you become “official” together again

As time goes on, something very interesting happens. She becomes more and more attracted to you and realizes that you don’t put pressure on her, making her fall in love with you more and more… and that’s when she fell. start asking you things like, “So, what are we? ” and it establishes the logistics and conditions for “things” to happen. Women want to incorporate masculinity into a committed relationship, but masculine energy does not want to be pent up in a committed relationship. , just with any woman. Don’t start a relationship with the first girl that gets his attention and makes him feel good about himself. This girl I love is really special, she’s different and I really want to be in a relationship with her”…I can hear you but here’s the thing… you are in a cloud of emotions that are distorting your thinking right now You feel “in love” with this girl for the authenticity she gives you You feel she is the only girl in the world for you, that’s what your mind does to you when When you’re so obsessed you have “ONEITIS” to choose from, do you still love this girl Because that’s the real test right there. her because of the way you really interact with her, the way she quizzes i’m nice to you and the amazing chemistry you feel in her compared to other girls you’ve dated too. When you’re making decisions coming from ABUNDANCE, and not having to think about scarcity… much better than being obsessed with a girl and trying to lock her up as your girlfriend. Click here to sign up for this free e-book by email right awaySlideshow Summary of This Article…

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