why isn’t adblock working on twitch

Many Twitch users complain that AdBlock won’t work on Twitch anymore in 2021. Wondering why? Let’s find out together!There are a number of reasons why AdBlock might not work for you on Twitch. Read: why adblock doesn’t work on twitch

Why is AdBlock not working on Twitch?


It might be because you have outdated AdBlock extension in your browser. Another reason could be due to the web browser player or the Chrome Network Service. Maybe you have a problem with your browser or a conflict with another extension. Even AdBlock’s own filters that aren’t set optimally can cause it to fail on Twitch. An ad-blocking browser extension is a type of software that affects how ads are displayed (or stopped altogether) when you’re using an app or a web browser. However, if Twitch inserts an ad right into the stream, AdBlock may not be able to block it.

AdBlock Not Working on Twitch – Most Common Reasons

  • Outdated AdBlock
  • Wrong AdBlock settings
  • AdBlock conflicts with another browser extension
  • AdBlock’s Twitch filter is not set optimally
  • Wrong Chrome settings
  • How to fix AdBlock not working on Twitch

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make AdBlock work to block ads on Twitch:

    1) Update AdBlock

    If you don’t update your extensions regularly, you may run into problems. Check if you’re using an outdated AdBlock extension that doesn’t have the ability to block Ads on Twitch. Here’s how to do that (assuming you’re using the Chrome browser):

    • Open Chrome and enter this code in the address bar: “chrome://extensions“
    • Now go to “Chrome Extensions” and switch “Developer Mode” to “On”.
    • Next, click ‘Update’ to update all your Chrome extensions.

    AdBlock-doesn't-work-on-Twitch-obsolete-AdBlockUpdate your AdBlock Restart the browser then restart Twitch and see if that works. If not, there are other solutions to try.

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    2) Change AdBlock settings

    While AdBlock may start blocking ads as soon as it’s installed, there may be a separate setting to control ads on Twitch.

    • Open Chrome and find the AdBlock icon next to the address bar.
    • Click it, then the gear icon to open your AdBlock settings.

    AdBlock not working on Twitch AdBlock settingsInstall AdBlock

    • Find the general options, then make sure “Allow accepted ads” is unchecked.

    AdBlock not working on Twitch AdBlock settingsUncheck this option Restart Chrome and check if this solution works.

    3) Change Chrome settings

    Chrome’s network service may not be able to access AdBlock. To check if this is the problem:

    • Open Chrome and type in the address bar: “chrome://flags“
    • Type ‘Network Service’ in the search flags box, then set ‘Data Reduction Proxy with Network Service’ and ‘Run Network Service in Process’ to off.

    AdBlock not working on Twitch Chrome settingsEdit Chrome settings

    • Save your changes, then restart Chrome.

    Read more: why do fish jump out of water | Top Q&A If this solution works, don’t forget to repeat these steps whenever your Chrome is updated.

    4) Install HLS AdBlock

    Twitch likes to show ads whenever you start watching a new channel, and these ads are inserted directly into the HLS stream. Installing HLS AdBlock can fix this problem because it fixes Twitch’s technical issues and edits the requested playlist every few seconds. This way, only segments containing ads are removed.

    • To try this solution, download the HLS AdBlock app, extract it to a folder.
    • Type chrome://extensions/ in and enable developer mode.
    • Next, click ‘load unzip’ and go to the folder where the extension is located.
    • Restart Chrome and see if this fixes the problem.

    5) Try an alternative topqa.info player

    Alternate Player for topqa.info is an extension formerly known as Twitch 5. It can remove most ads from live streams and can adjust the settings to suit your web connection. .AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch - Alternative PlayersThis player allows you to watch broadcasts using an alternative player, such as VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic. Just download the Alternate Player for Twitch, add the extension to your browser and restart your browser to see if this fixes the problem.Also read: Fixed Twitch 2000

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    6) Try the AdGuard Extension

    AdGuard is an extension that blocks ads including multimedia ads, video ads, banners, pop-ups and more.AdBlock-not-Working-on-Twitch-AdGuardIt can handle a lot of code that bypasses the AdBlock firewall, which is a technique that Twitch prefers. Download AdGuard, then install and run. This may solve the problem. Else, read on for more solutions.

    7) Try using filter

    AdBlock comes with custom whitelists, blacklists, and filter lists that you can add manually. Try adding the Twitch ad stream to the extension’s blacklist.

    • Click on the AdBlock extension, then click the AdBlock gear icon to open the settings.
    • Click “Customize” then “Edit” (next to ‘Manually edit your filter’).
    • Now add the following to each line:

    www.twitch.tv ##. player-ad-overlay.player-overlay topqa.info ##. js-player-ad-overlay.player-ad-overlay r / https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/ sdkloader/topqa.info topqa.info/js/sdkloader/ima3.js

    • Save and restart the browser to see if this helps.

    8) Try Android apps or emulators

    Twitch has an Android app, so you might want to give it a try. You can also download BlueStacks or a similar Android emulator on your computer.AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch - Twitch Android AppOpen Twitch with Android (or emulator), then when you see the ad click ‘learn more’ and then immediately click the back button to skip the ad.

    This is a web app that can bypass any topqa.info plugins and it allows you to use any video player.AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch - Streamlink Twitch GUIRead more: PayPal Credit Not Working – Quick Steps To Fix This Problem!! Download Streamlink Twitch GUI and see if it solves the ad problem.

    10) Use Ublock Origin instead

    This ad blocker can run thousands of filters and doesn’t have much impact on CPU or memory. You might want to try this instead of AdBlock.AdBlock-not-Working-on-Twitch-uBlock-OriginDownload Ublock Origin then run Twitch and see what happens.

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    11) Try uMatrix

    uMatrix can block scripts, ads, iframes and more. You can point and click to restrict specific browser requests.AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch - uMatrixJust add uMatrix to your browser, then reboot and see if it works.

    12) Use Brave browser

    This free and open source browser blocks ads as well as website trackers.AdBlock-not-Working-on-Twitch-Brave-BrowserDownload, install, and run Brave Browser to see if this fixes the problem.

    13) Install User-Agent Switcher

    User-Agent Switcher is a Chrome extension that can convert user agents in Brave Browser to iOS or Android.AdBlock Not Working on Twitch - User-Agent SwitcherTo try this, you will first need to install the Brave Browser and get the uMatrix and Ublock Origin extensions as well.

    14) Invest in Twitch Turbo

    If none of the above works or you just want a simple solution and don’t mind paying a small fee, Twitch Turbo might be the best option for you.AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch - Twitch TurboThis comes with various features including ad-free viewing. To learn more, open your Twitch Turbo subscription page and sign up. Now you can watch the stream without all those annoying ads!Also read: How to fix Twitch error 3000Read more: Why do people like arts and crafts?

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