Why i stopped eyelash extensions

Video Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions Are you the type of woman who spends tons of {dollars} on beauty retouching procedures? I’m not talking about a beauty upgrade, however, out of the way of beauty classes comparable to eyelash extensions. Who doesn’t want to look pretty with dramatic lashes? Simply look at Beyoncé. She is an elegant celebrity who is always thoughtful about her appearance. Her mink lashes are coveted but too expensive for us ordinary people to afford. “What’s the benefit?”In fact, Beyoncé has a team of beauticians working day and night to portray her as Queen Bey. However, we went to the nearest salon with good reviews on social media and got the job done. , DO NOT! I strongly support going to a DIY eyelash lift as an alternative. Why… this is my story.

How it all started


I started eyelash extensions 6 months ago. My first session was absolutely amazing. I feel invincible… sure, an eyelash extension can do this for you. It’s like my splendor has been reborn and I look cuter than ever. My easy makeup every day is mascara that I regularly use when going out, this is my first time getting eyelash extensions. I’ve heard most of my colleagues brag about it and after hearing so many times how gorgeous your face looks with longer lashes, I finally gave in.

Facts about mi . extensions

Read more: why is my photoshop so slow | Q&AIn Top Insights, the main query I must have on Google is, How long does it take to grow back after eyelash extensions? ” The answer is MONTH. Sure! Since the lashes are glued to your pure lashes, the results afterwards are terrible. I was once left with little beards that made me look…simply weird. You see – usually; We shed 1 to 5 lashes per day. In two weeks, we lose about 20% of our eyelashes. The cycle of hair loss and growth is from 60 to 90 days. However, eyelash extensions mess up your complete cycle. All these chemical compounds that seep into the hair follicles will destroy your pure lashes and fixed fillers will reduce their growth.

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The first reason I ended up getting eyelash extensions was because I couldn’t keep my appointments. Classes become stress-free week after week. I could have seen how much fillers have taken away from my pure lashes. The normal eyelash extension process takes about 2 hours, then every 4 weeks you will want to reapply, which takes about 45 minutes. However, if someone’s lash cycle is faster, you may need to visit the salon in 2 weeks. Appointments became a chore and I couldn’t settle into my private {and professional} life. I call it my magnificent life, which is destroying my more important lives. Alas, its harm has been done and I was once left with only crumbs of lashes. Can you think of spending $600 on your eyelashes? That’s right, I did.

My Salvation

So to recap – my lashes are in the toddler stage and I’ve stopped taking any more supplements. I waited for the extensions to fall off then came here on a sports jet to revitalize my lashes. is reversed. The next few months were pretty hard because I had no hope of growing my eyelashes back. I’ve given up hope, however, I still use my two secret weapons that I discovered on the web. Read more: Why does the omni man kill the guardiansVital oils and eyelash growth serums!I started with essential oils, including rosemary, lavender, and cedar. These vital oils not only smell great but also promote stronger hair growth. Using mascara at this stage is inevitable, so I used castor oil instead. This oil also has identical hair growth properties. The truth is, it promotes growth and provides shine to your lashes. I cleaned a bottle of mascara before and poured a small amount of castor oil into it. You should be able to add a drop or two of vital oil to it appropriately. I use the oil with my mascara wand every night earlier than bedtime. After 6 weeks, I can see results. My lashes are not only curled and long, but also look healthier. I even bought an eyelash growth serum with a pure blend that helped quite a bit. The value of 1 vial of eyelash serum is exactly the same as an eyelash extension supplement however the former has lasted me months!

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Choose a safer eyelash extension

Now that my lashes are back to normal, I mostly use mascara. However, I have discovered a safer eyelash extension procedure – do-it-yourself lash lift. I bought a home lash lifter and did the process myself. It is very easy and completely safe. It has no chemical compounds so I used to feel pretty good about it when I tried it. My first attempt didn’t work out that way, that’s okay because all the blogs stated so. In 8 weeks the effects of the lash lift were gone and I did it again.Why did I stop getting the mi.This time, my lashes turned out amazing. One swipe of mascara, they usually come out around 1,000,000 {$}! A DIY lash raises my value to $40 and most likely uses at least 15 times. So that’s huge financial savings and long-lasting lash lift all wrapped up in one package. The Nicky Eyelash Lift Package is one of the best beauty remedies you can do on your own. It provides a quick method to get beautiful lashes, liberated from any chemical compounds. In my opinion and after the difficulties that I have gone through, I recommend you to buy this device. The higher you can make your lashes in the comfort of your home in a more affordable way than losing cash in the salon. Read more: Why are my photos grainy? | Top Q&A

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