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“Virus” is a commonly used term since technology dominates the world and global markets. Mobile phones and laptops have become a necessity, and the internet is now an essential part of every individual’s daily life. However, with great technology comes significant threats. These threatening components are called viruses. The intensity of the threat varies between viruses; while some barely affect your daily activities, others can completely destroy your data.

Can music play randomly on your Android device?

One of the less intense viruses that are common on Android devices is the random music playing virus. There is no specific name for this virus; you might be using your phone and after closing all apps and locking it some random music suddenly starts playing in the background. Read: why does my phone play music on its ownNot only is this annoying, but it can also put you in an awkward situation. For example, imagine you’re sitting in a meeting room with your senior management and boss, and suddenly a random music starts playing on your phone, even though you’ve turned on silent mode. because they see the virus as something very extreme and very threatening. This problem is usually caused by some software glitch that causes the device to misbehave and play music randomly. Another common reason behind this happening is the poor execution of the ads in some of the websites you may have visited recently. These paid ads are installed with some tools to play music when the ad starts. If the tool is not a good one, it may misbehave when you close the website and will continue to play music no matter how many times you try to restart the browser from which you have visited the website. This can happen during a class or a meeting and can get you into uncomfortable situations.

What can playing random music on your device indicate?

If any such or similar activity occurs on your device, you should not ignore it, as the chances of it happening again are very high. Random music playing on your device can indicate:

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Software problem

You may have an app or software in your Android device with ads built in. Check all recently opened apps and remove suspicious ones so this doesn’t happen again.

Phones are vulnerable to serious threats

If you visit a website with ads that threaten your device, you could face serious consequences if a powerful virus attacks your device. For temporary safety, you can block that website on your browser, so that even if you forget which website it is, your browser will automatically prevent you from accessing it.

More Pop-up Ads

Finally, if the music in the background is caused by ads in a website or app, there’s a chance more ads could pop up right now, which can be annoying as you scroll through apps in the background. your device.182ca44c0a49b0dd2cb265879a958a23.popup ads

How to get rid of this music?

Read more: why sd card still won’t connect | Top Q&AIt can’t predict when music might start playing. However, given the reality, be it during your critical moments at work or school, there is one immediate action you can take to temporarily ease the situation: restart your phone. phone. To turn off the music right away can make you feel anxious and make the situation worse for yourself. Therefore, if music randomly plays, restart the phone immediately, it will take three to four seconds, but it is the fastest way to control the situation. However, in the long run, here are some measures that can help you prevent such activity from happening in the first place:

Protect your phone with anti-virus software:

24/7 protection is essential today, as technology and data play an important role in our daily lives. , so to assist you in this, we have put together a list that we believe to be the best on the market today and below are the names we really recommend for the device. your mobile. trusted names when it comes to mobile security. Their Malwarebytes for Android is a leading product to ensure your mobile phone is protected from potential security threats that can harm your phone

  • It can detect ransomware before it can lock your device
  • It provides a safer browsing experience for your mobile device
  • It conducts privacy checks for all apps installed on your phone
  • It can even find and remove annoying adware and malware from your device
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Malwarebytes for Android is included with your purchase of Malwarebytes Premium, providing the strongest protection for all your devices with the support of Malwarebytes.McAfee Total Protection One of the trusted brands of security solutions confidential, you can never go wrong with McAfee. McAfee Total Protection is a multifaceted security guard that includes anti-virus, identification tools, and protection features. The software also boasts minimal impact on performance and has achieved top marks in AV-Comparatives performance tests, where it has received the award 8 times in a row since 2016.

  • Provides antivirus protection not only for mobile devices, but also for PCs, laptops and tablets
  • Options to protect multiple devices
  • Minimal impact on performance
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Keep your device secure when connecting to public Wi-Fi

You can also get access to McAfee Total Protection’s secure VPN with bank-grade encryption if you choose to sign up for its auto-renewing subscription program. Top Q & AOne of today’s leading antivirus software company, Norton offers comprehensive protection not only for PCs and laptops, but also for your mobile devices and against viruses. threat and infection.

  • Protect your smartphone by proactively identifying security threats like ransomware, malware, adware, and privacy leaks
  • Helps get rid of annoying robot calls
  • Detects and alerts you to dangerous or hacked wifi connections
  • Protects you from malicious and fraudulent websites as you browse through your smartphone
  • Notifies you of any vulnerabilities in your mobile operating system

Norton Mobile Security comes with the purchase of Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 premium Some anti-virus apps are highly effective and they not only scan but also remove viruses at the same time as the ones we have mentioned output above. However, there is some homework you need to do before deciding which app to use. Reviews are available on the play store and you can also ask for public opinion on online forums visited by thousands of people globally.

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Browser Extensions

Since most such random music viruses come from websites with pre-installed ads, you can install extensions that provide protection from threatening content. Even a warning might be enough, as you can immediately shut down your browser, clearing cache and history to prevent anything serious from happening soon after. and find an alternative. This is more common with free apps that always have ads appearing.


While random music playing in the background, even when the device is locked, is not a situation that threatens your data or your device, it can be a disaster if it happens in a setting. Officially you have turned on silent mode. There can be two to three different reasons why this might be happening, but several solutions have also been raised. or class. You don’t need to worry, because people are aware of these risks and they will understand what happened. Something as trivial as random music playing in the background. Therefore, if music starts playing in the background when your phone is locked and no apps are running, you now have both an immediate and a long-term solution to the problem. Read more: Why are Scandinavians so tall, and how do you measure it?

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