why do cats close their eyes when you pet them

Our cats are fascinating little creatures. While all cats are individuals, many cats seem to close their eyes when you come to pet them. Your cat’s sense of touch is much higher than yours, which explains why they react so quickly if you touch them in an area they don’t approve of. Like the abdomen or the base of the tail, because these areas of their body contain many supersensitive nerve endings and can immediately lead to overstimulation. At first, you will often notice that they close their eyes when you pet them. Read: why cats close their eyes when you pet them.

Curious why cats close their eyes when you pet them? Just keep reading!

As you know, cats are not naturally trusting. While there are certainly some cats who are naturally less defensive than others, many cats find comfort in being around people they don’t know. Think about your surroundings when you are petting the cat. Usually you are doing this in your home and on their terms. When cats trust you, they don’t feel the need to be on high alert. And for them, closing their eyes around you is the ultimate sign of trust. If you look closely, you may notice that your cat is also blinking slowly. This is how they give you a kitten kiss! ????Read more: Why does dad hate meWhy do cats close their eyes when you pet them?I Like YouCats are intelligent beings who are highly selective with the people they choose to be with. Unlike canines, cats do not seek praise or need to be told that they are a good boy or do a good job. Letting your cat choose you as someone they want to be friends with says a lot about who you are. Cats are very good at sensing human energy. When cats choose to let you pet them, you’ve mastered the hard part. When you first get a cat, they will often watch you as you do so. And we all know as I mentioned above that there are certain points where cats don’t want to be pets. Cats love to be petted on the head and around the neck. Wondering why this is? Well, because they can easily see your hands and can rely on those ninja-like cat’s reflexes if those hands move to a position they didn’t choose.Canva woman stroking cute ginger catWhen you pet your cat and see its eyes start to close, have you ever noticed that they also start to rub your hand? Your cats have facial pheromones that they use to mark their territories on their cheeks, as well as on the top of their heads. (That’s why they love to grope you, too.) So you’re basically their territory now.Read more: why is my life so bad | Top Q&A My two ginger cats do this to me on a daily basis, so if I come across a cat on the street, this weird cat will know it when he greets me. And that Flehmen’s reaction can trigger a foreign cat’s facial expression.Smiling little girl Canva with a kitten in her armsDoes your cat close its eyes when you pet them? Well, you A-okay in their book. And if you’re happy to be around them, go ahead and slow them down so you can both speak the same language. Did you learn anything new and interesting about our feline friends? Share this article with other cat lovers out there so they too can learn something! Want to learn more about cat body language? Find out what the cat’s tail is telling you—Aside from “I’m always hungry”… Read more: Why do rabbits close their eyes when you pet them

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