Why Does Valyrian Steel Kill White Walkers

Much of the threat is posed by the White Walkers, the arch-villains of Game of Thrones. But what are they, where do they come from and what do they want? And why are some of them skeletons and others zombies? We’ve got the answer for you. (See, we just saved you a weekend of binge-watching and Google-playing.) Read: why valyrian steel kills white pedestrians.Than: Want exclusive ‘Game of Thrones’ content delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for our ‘Game of Thrones’ newsletter What is a White Walker? White Walkers are actually two groups: True White Walkers and Fighters. Their other name, army of the dead, is a helpful way to understand the difference: White walkers are officers and warriors are foot soldiers.

How can I tell the White Walkers from the struggles?


White Walkers have ice blue eyes and look like people with no skin, only muscles. Many look like old hippos with long white beards and whiskers. And so far, they were all men, often riding horses, carrying ice spears, and sometimes wearing armor. They also behave like stereotypical zombies, either trudging slowly through the snow or plunging to their victims in waves (e.g. Hodor).Read more: Why geralts’ fur is white Any dead creature can be turned ferocious: We’ve seen ferocious horses, ferocious giants, and up to the last episode of Part 7, polar bears and dragons.

How are White Walkers created?

Male infants are turned into White Walkers. Remember Craster, the nasty extravaganza, who let the Night’s Watch drop in his place in exchange for not questioning where all his sons had gone? He left them in the woods as sacrifices to the White Walkers, who picked them up and took them to the Night King (more on that later), who transformed the children with the touch of his finger. , turning their eyes ice blue. But we don’t know what happens to them from infancy to adulthood. (Which got us wondering, is there a White Walkers Hogwart School?) Can be turned into a match at any age. We know the Night King can revive thousands of dead people at once just by raising his arm. It’s not clear if the other White Walkers have similar powers, but it seems that those wearing armor may have the ability to generate power. Benjen Stark, uncle of the Stark children, said a White Walker tried to turn him around by stabbing him with scissors.

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Who’s in charge here?

Night King, who wears armor and an ice crown. The other White Walkers in armor appear to be his generals and have been seen taking the lead in battles.

What’s up with the Night King?

He was one of the First Men, the first group of people to settle in Westeros thousands of years ago. But the natives (a magical group known as the Children of the Forest, who looked like little Jolly green giants) saw them as a threat. So they kidnap a man and stab a dagger made of scissors glass into his heart, creating the first White Walker, a race meant to protect them from the First Men. But along the way, the White Walkers unmasked both the Children of the Woods and the First Men. It’s not clear why or when that happened.

How do you kill the White Walkers?

We know what won’t work: Regular steel swords won’t kill Pedestrians or White Walkers. But the White Walkers seem to be able to go through it unscathed. Swords made of Valyrian steel (forged with dragon fire, according to legend) can kill them. moreover, there is a finite number of Valyrian steel and people who know how to work with it. Now that there are dragons and we know Gendry is a skilled blacksmith, that could change. The first men used it to defend themselves against the White Walkers, and Sam Tarly discovered its deadly potential when he stabbed it once after it broke his sword. Dragonstone, the castle of the Targaryen family, sits on a mountain full of things, and Daenerys has given (secret grandson) Jon Snow all he needs to arm the humans.

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What do white pedestrians want?

Read more: why do nails hurt after doing it | Top Questions & Permanent Winter. But at the very least, they wanted to get south of the Wall and make more soldiers for the army of the dead. But they can only do it in winter. (Remember, seasons can span centuries in the Game of Thrones universe.) The last time this happened was during The Long Night, the worst winter in recorded history, thousands of years ago. when the program starts. Westeros’ population starved and froze to death, making it a target-rich environment. The Children of the Forest and the First Men together pushed them back north and then the First Men built the Wall, 300 miles away. The long, 700-foot-high wall on the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, engraved with magic to prevent the dead from passing) and equips it with the Night’s Watch (who also wards off Wildlings and threats found otherwise). As long as it stands, they can’t get through (though that mark on Bran Stark’s arm might change that equation). Place a bet.More about Game of Thrones:Who won Westeros? All the important hints given in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, explained Game of Thrones’ gives fans the long-awaited battle of ‘Game of Thrones’ versus ‘Star Trek’: White Are Walkers the New Borg? Read more: why are there ants in my laptop | Top Q&A

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