why does my puppy breath so fast when sleeping

Video Why Does My Dog Breathe Fast During Sleep It can be a bit annoying when your dog breathes fast during sleep. After all, can’t our furry friends sleep in peace? Surely they cannot get the restorative rest they need if their sleep is too consistent. However, you should learn more about normal doggy sleep patterns and look out for signs that something is wrong.

Your dog is a dreamer


Just like us, our dogs dream. And, as they enter the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, they begin to breathe faster which is completely normal. This may also be accompanied by twitching of the muscles or eyelids, and even soft hissing or barking. That’s because, during REM sleep, a dog’s nervous system closes most motor functions while lighting up certain parts of the brain. This allows them to dream without actually moving around. So, if your dog is breathing as if their Favorite Walking Dog is walking them every day, they may just be dreaming of the very moment! Your puppy will probably enter the REM cycle about 20-30 minutes after curling up for their snooze. The amount of time your dog spends in the REM phase will vary, but most only stay in this phase for another 5 to 20 minutes. They then settle into the Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) phase. This could be a sign of REM sleep behavior disorder, like sleepwalking in humans. Because this sleep disorder can be dangerous, when dogs run into furniture or walls, many veterinarians will prescribe medication to help dogs sleep more peacefully.

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Your dog is a puppy

Read more: Why is my vizio TV so slow Maybe it’s a way for the brain to process memories and make sense of their daytime experiences. Dogs who spend their days playing with their Owners, exploring the neighborhood with their trusted Pet Giver and meeting new friends at the dog park will have dreams to match. their interesting daytime activities. Why does your dog breathe fast while sleeping? Puppies, possibly because they’re processing so many new experiences, are likely to spend more time in REM than adult dogs. For these puppies, it is completely normal for them to breathe quickly while sleeping.

Your dog breathes fast while sleeping because of their breed

If you have a dog that belongs to the elite breed group, which includes Boxers, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs and others, it is normal to notice a moderate breathing rate while sleeping. Because of the shortened airway, these dogs tend to pant, wheeze, and snore while sleeping. If shortness of breath is keeping them from sleeping, talk to your vet. In general, small dogs breathe faster than large dogs, and they have shorter and more intense REM cycles.

When to be concerned about your dog’s rapid breathing during sleep?

Unfortunately, there are a number of other reasons your dog might be panting during sleep, and some of them are worrisome. Remember that in most cases of dogs breathing fast while sleeping, it is caused by something benign. However, the following possible medical reasons should be kept in mind:

  • Congenital heart failure. Dogs with congenital heart disease may have rapid breathing while sleeping as the heart struggles to function properly. Cough is another common symptom of heart failure, as are fatigue and fainting.
  • Disturbance of breathing during sleep. A dog with sleep apnea may experience shortness of breath, followed by rapid breathing. All dogs can develop sleep apnea, but it’s especially common in poodles and obese dogs.
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If you think the reason your dog is breathing fast during sleep is something other than their REM cycle, you should have it checked out by your veterinarian.

Breath test at home

Read more: why do cats attack my feet | Top Q&AT To better understand if your dog is breathing normally, there is a fairly easy test that you can conduct right at home. You will wait until your dog is sound asleep and then count the breaths per minute. You don’t want to disturb your dog during this time, so watch from a distance without touching your dog. However, remember, rapid breathing can be a sign of normal REM sleep. So, repeat the test every few hours to record your dog’s breaths per minute during different sleep stages.

If your dog is breathing fast while sleeping, should you wake them up?

As we’ve mentioned so far, there are a number of different reasons why your dog may be breathing fast while sleeping. So, whether or not you should wake your dog will depend on the reason they are panting during sleep. Dogs in REM are getting much needed rest and interrupting them can have negative consequences for their overall health. sleep in a different position.

How can you make sure your furry friend gets a good night’s sleep?

Our doggos need a break so they can rebuild their muscles, commit to memory training and build energy for another great day with their favorite humans! Be sure to read our article, How to Train Your Dog to Sleep Through the Night, for tips to help your dog get the best sleep possible. Contact your vet! Read more: why are the green mountains in Australia blue? | Top Q&A

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