why does my laptop screen keep dimming

The auto-dimming screen on your laptop can be annoying at times. And in this article, we will show you how to disable the adaptive brightness feature that makes your laptop screen dim. The solution is simple and requires only a few tweaks to your power pack. Many modern Windows laptops have adaptive light sensors that adjust the screen’s brightness based on ambient light. experience.

How to prevent my screen from dimming in Windows 10?


  • Turn off adaptive brightness
  • Update your monitor driver
  • Turn off display power saving on Intel PC
  • Turn off the device
  • 1. Turn off adaptive brightness

  • Click Begin and select Settings.
  • Option System.prevent your laptop screen from dimming
  • Click Strength and sleep from the left pane, then select Additional power settings from the right.
  • Click Change plan settings next to your active energy plan.ApplicationFrameHost AhiRJm5L5D 1
  • Click Change advanced power settings.Change package settings 1
  • Scroll down Displaythen off for both battery mode and plugged in mode.Change advanced power settings
  • If the constant brightness change problem bothers you, follow the steps above to fix it. This feature is also available in Windows 10 laptops.

    2. Update your display driver

    Read more: why vaping makes me cough | Top Q&A2.1 Update drivers manually

  • Right click on Begin and select Device Manager from the list.
  • Click Display adapter to expand it.
  • Right click on the adapter and select Update drivers.Show power options
  • Option Automatically search for drivers.Auto driver search - Wireless driver is missing
  • Wait for the system to install the updated driver and restart your PC for the changes to take effect.
  • If somehow you still have this problem with the dim screen, check if your display driver is up to date. Follow the steps above to update the driver manually.2.2 Automatically update driversThe manual method is fine if you have time, but sometimes it won’t work as expected so you may also need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download updated drivers. your driver, not just the graphics, automatically, with very little input from yourself.

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    3. Turn off display power saving on Intel PC

    Read more: Why People Don’t Call When They Like You Also, if you’re using an Intel graphics card, turn off your monitor’s power-saving technology. Many users have confirmed that these quick solutions work for them.

    4. Turn off the device

  • Right click on Begin and select Device Manager.equipment management
  • Expand the Battery section.
  • Right click on Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Pin and select Turn off device.device manager win
  • Some users have had success in fixing this issue by disabling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Pin from Device Manager, so you should try that too. screen of a PC or laptop. That should happen, your laptop screen won’t be dim anymore after you do these steps. us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. Read more: Why won’t my gas tank open

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