why is my candle flickering so much

Candles add atmosphere to any space, making a home feel like a home with their warm glow. These fun decorations also have a way of promoting relaxation and calm or providing stimulating energy when you need it. However, sometimes they don’t always burn as expected. or notice your candle burning in the middle, here’s what you need to know about candles, how they burn, and what you can do to keep the candle lit. with our Guide!

High candle flame


When you light a candle, the heat of the flame melts the wax in and around the wick. Candle wicks are usually made from absorbent twine, such as cotton braid or other types of wire or wire, that use capillary action to draw molten wax onto the wick to fuel the candle flame.If your candle looks like it’s burning too high, it’s probably burning too hot. When you have a strong flame, the flame will appear very high or may flicker or smoke. If you see any of these signs or feel the fire is out of control, extinguish the fire immediately to eliminate the fire hazard. Even if this exaggerated flame doesn’t ignite, you’ll likely burn out your candle much faster than intended. There are two main reasons why your candle flame might burn so high. One is that the wick is not the proper width because of manufacturing issues. Unfortunately, if your wick is too thick, you can ask to replace the candle with a better one. Lucky for you, when you replace it with a Homesick candle, our wick is just the right diameter! Read more: why do I smoke at the top of legend | Top Q&AA The second reason the flame burns too high is that the wick is too long. Here, the fix is ​​simple: Cut the wick. Long wicks can be easily cut with our convenient wick trimmer, which comes with a custom canvas bag for storage for safer and cleaner burns. For optimal, controlled burning, shred the candle wick to ¼ inch. Remember to trim before lighting each time to help ensure you’re controlling the amount of fuel you burn to burn slowly and safely. Use the wick trimmer to easily fix your candle! Next time you give a candle to a friend or send a special thank you candle, include a wick trimmer so they can enjoy the gently scented candle even longer!

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Smoking candles

Another common problem with burning candles is the generation of excess smoke. If you have properly cut your candle wicks to the right height, drafts could be the cause of this unwanted smoke. Sometimes a draft or a flare of air can cause your candle to smoke as it burns, reducing the air quality in your home. due to excessive absorption of oil from candle wax. When this happens, you may experience a build-up of oil in the wick and the candle won’t burn as quickly as it did when it was sucked in. When the flame grows again, it will burn too much fuel and cause the candle to smoke.Chicago candleRead more: why do dogs scratch the bed | Top Q&AT To remove your candle from any smoke, simply move the candle away from open windows and doors, fans, and vents to limit drafts.

The candle is too short

While sometimes your wick being too long can be a problem, in other cases a short wick can be the problem. If you’re having trouble lighting a candle because the wick is too short, knowing how to fix the wick will help your candle burn in no time. If you can light the wick, let it burn for 20 minutes or more while checking it regularly. If the problem does not resolve itself by melting enough wax, you may need to remove some of the wax. gives you more wicks to work with. Similarly, if the wick is completely buried, you must melt the surrounding wax.

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Carried away

The bright light and delightful aroma of the candles make them a welcome addition to any space, but if they are not burned properly, they can become a fire hazard and affect the environment. air quality in your home. You can help your candle burn cleaner and safer by trimming the wick, keeping it away from drafty areas and preventing wax buildup.Read more: why does my spider plant have brown head | Top Q&A

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