why does my cat smell like poop

There’s hardly anything better than cuddling your cat every day. One of the big draws of owning a cat is their cleanliness – a trait cats are famous for – but sometimes, you can detect a foul odor emanating from your cat, for example. such as the smell of feces. If your cat suddenly smells like poop, there’s reason to be concerned. While it’s rare that something serious happens, it’s still an issue that you’ll want to deal with as quickly as possible, for the sake of you and your cat! Take a look at five common reasons your cat might smell like poop and what you can do to fix it!

1. Dirty Garbage


Clean cat litter boxImage credit: Zoran Photographer, Shutterstock litter box maintenance is just as important as any other part of a cat’s maintenance needs, but even with a clean and well-groomed litter box, cats Yours may still smell like poop. Some cats, especially kittens, can play inside their litter box, inadvertently spreading litter throughout their coat. Also, cats instinctively like to cover their poop with litter or sand, and in the process, they can get covered in fur in the poop. This is especially common in long-haired cats like the Persian. The solution to this problem is pretty simple: You might want to try an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. These litter boxes eliminate the mess caused by cats trying to bury poop and are largely cleaner than traditional litter boxes. However, these litter boxes can be expensive and if the price is too high for you, changing to a high quality litter may also solve the problem.

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2. Dirty cat

dirty catImage credit: Marinka Buronka, Shutterstock Read more: Why not crikeys but irwins While cats are self-obsessed, poop can still get stuck and harden on their fur, especially long-haired breeds. This could be due to loose stools, and if you notice this hard stool around your cat’s tail, there could be a digestive problem. In addition, cats who are overweight or have health problems such as arthritis may not be able to access body parts and groom themselves adequately. any matted coat. You should also prune this area to avoid rot later. This will help cats who are overweight or sick, but of course, the health issue still needs to be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

3. Change your diet

Wet and dry cat food_shutterstock_LightspruchImage Credit By: Lightspruch, shutterstock Cats are obligate carnivores and require a specific diet to stay healthy and happy. A poor diet that includes too many grains, vegetables, and fruits can cause loose stools or diarrhea. Also, a sudden change in diet can trigger these symptoms, leading to a runny nose in your cat’s coat. beef and chicken. If you’re switching your regular cat food to a different brand, switch slowly over a few days to avoid too much of a digestive reaction.

4. Digestive problems

Digestive problems can also cause diarrhea or stools that can get on your cat’s fur, but they can also cause gas. If your cat smells like poop but you can’t clearly notice anything on their fur, it could just be a gas smell that you’re smelling. Digestive problems can be caused by a sudden change in diet or by other causes, including:

  • Diary
  • Grains like wheat, soybeans and corn
  • spoiled food
  • Allergy
  • Hairballs
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High-fiber foods can also be to blame, so check the ingredients list in your cat’s foods to make sure they don’t contain large amounts. Avoid giving your cat dairy products and large amounts of grains, and be sure to avoid spoiled foods. If all of this is true, they may have an allergy that you will need your veterinarian to help diagnose or detect through diet.

5. Infection

Read more: Why zyn goes on the upper lip Cats can be prone to anal infections, and if their food and litter box are in order, this could also be the cause of their cat’s odor. These scent glands are usually expressed during defecation and mark territory and have a very strong fecal-like odor. If their anal glands become infected, they can start to leak or form an abscess, both of which can lead to a stool-like odor. may have an infection, and you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

How to get rid of bad smell

It’s very unlikely that your cat is suffering from an anal infection, so the odor is most likely coming from a messy coat or litter box. In this case, the shower is the first order of business! Check your cat’s coat for traces of poop that may be trapped and check their litter box for signs of diarrhea. If your cat’s poop is normal, you can simply switch to a self-cleaning litter box or high-quality litter and keep the area around the cat’s tail short and trimmed. If you have eliminated all of these factors and the problem persists, you should see your veterinarian for further investigation.cat paws

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Final thoughts

If your cat suddenly smells like poop, there’s usually no reason to panic. The cause and solution is usually simple, and after a thorough bath, your cat will smell good again in no time! However, if your cat’s diet and litter box remain normal and unchanged, there could be a more serious problem going on, but this is quite rare. Top Q&A

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