Why Did Obi-Wan Let Himself Die?

Video Why the obi wan let the vader kill himself The death of a hero is often debated, considered, and revered. In the Star Wars universe, Obi-Wan’s death is one that many people question the reasoning behind. While his thoughts on choosing to defeat Darth Vader have never been rigorously laid out, there are quite a few reasons that we can glean from the movies. Obi-Wan let himself die because he knew he would become stronger after death. Driven by a desire to mentor and guide Luke, he chose to both balance forces and become a Jedi-ghost after his death. In the end, Obi-Wan aided the Millenium Falcon in its escape by keeping Darth Vader involved for a while.This article will reveal that there are some pretty plausible theories as to why he let Darth Vader kill him.

The truth about Obi-Wan’s death scene


Before we get into the three main theories as to why Obi-Wan let himself die, we need to agree on all the facts surrounding his death in Episode IV: A New Hope. So, let’s remind ourselves of some key points:

  • Obi-Wan, also known as Ben, told Vader, “If you attack me, I will become stronger than you can imagine.”
  • Ben smiled as he saw Luke enter the hangar where Falcon was. He then lifted his sword out of attack position and let Vader knock him down.
  • Obi-Wan’s body disappears, his cloak falls to the ground, and there are remains of his body.
  • At first Luke didn’t understand what had happened and screamed in agony.
  • Vadar poked Ben’s clothes with his foot, wondering where his body had gone.
  • After Ben disappears, his voice says to Luke, “Run, Luke, Run.”

These events can all be seen in A New Hope and are not without controversy. However, we explain them how. The following sections discuss three main theories as to why Obi-Wan sacrificed himself.

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Theory one: Bring balance to the Force

We already know from Episode I: The Phantom Menace that Anakin is the chosen one One would “bring balance to the Force.” Balance is determined by an equal weight on both sides of something. Translated into Star Wars lingo, that can mean equal power on both the dark and light sides of the Force. In Volume I, there are many Jedi, but only two Sith Lords. So Anakin was destined to take down the Jedi to bring back the prophesied balance, so he turned to the dark side.Read more: Why does boba sleep in a bacta-tank In episode IV, before Obi-Wan’s death, the force balances between darkness and light. However, Ben, a powerful Jedi, allows himself to be defeated by Darth Vader. This way the balance is now tilted towards the Sith. Since most things tend to bring themselves back into balance slowly, Obi-Wan would guess his death would result in one of two things:

  • Luke becomes a powerful Jedi, just like Obi-Wan
  • OR another Sith Lord will fall to balance the Force

This theory leads us to Episode VI, where Vader brings back the balance Obi-Wan sought in his death by killing the Emperor. However, in it, Vader also dies, leaving only Luke. However, with this theory, the Star Wars universe will always struggle between light and darkness if there are Force users around.

Theory Two: Escape from the Millenium Falcon

This next theory is a bit sad, as it means that Obi-Wan’s death is nothing. However, sometimes life, even in the Star Wars universe, isn’t fair, so we have to include this potential hypothesis about Ben’s sacrifice. Millenium Falcon to escape. Since Vader was the most powerful force on the Death Star at the time, Obi-Wan would probably want to distract him, keep his friends safe, and help them escape.. Obi-Wan continues to fight Vader until he sees them begin to board the Falcon.While Obi-Wan may have continued to fight until their complete escape, Luke was distracted from the escape plan when he saw his beloved master fighting Vader. Obi-Wan probably knows by now that Luke will join the fight if it continues. So Ben sacrifices himself to force Luke onto the Falcon as quickly as possible. We can support this theory by the fact that Obi-Wan told Luke to run after he was dead. rebel base. If he could have let Falcon go regardless of whether Obi-Wan died or not, then sadly, Obi-Wan died leaving nothing behind. So while this may have been part of the motivation for his death, we’re hoping for something more.

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Theory 3: Stronger with death

Read more: Why my donkey stood in the rain Obi-Wan knew he would be a stronger Jedi after death. He’s mastered the Force so well at this point that he’s confident he’ll be able to guide Luke through his voice and appearance even after death.We see him hint at this when he tells Vader, “If you defeat me, I will become stronger than you can imagine. ” This is related to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith when Yoda tells Obi-Wan that Qui-Gon has found a way to return after death using the Force. Yoda tells Obi-Wan during this interaction that he will learn this while hiding on Tatooine. So we know that Ben may have mastered this through Episode IV.So while Obi-Wan waits to let Vader kill him until Luke’s run is imminent, he also knows he’ll be better able to guide Luke anywhere after death. . With this, he does exactly what he told Vader he would and let him ‘attack him.’ Since Luke didn’t know about this Jedi power yet, he was extremely worried. Darth Vader was also confused as he poked at the cloak with his foot. Neither Vader nor Luke had mastered the Force at this point to understand what had happened.One slight variation of this theory is that Ben chooses to go to death himself, and that he simply overcomes Vader’s attack. Many people think this because, in his death scene, Ben disappears from inside his cape while Vader is slicing him with his sword. However, in other death scenes by a lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, the person being attacked is cut in half, and even some of the Jedi’s bodies remain and lie on the ground after death. , thus doesn’t help Vader win against him, and he can still become stronger.

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Obi-Wan sacrificed himself for the light

While each theory is possible, Star Wars is all about hope. Uprisings are built on hope, and Episode IV is called A New Hope. So we can hope that Obi-Wan’s death has a greater purpose. Hope is the belief in the unseen. Perhaps Obi-Wan had that same hope in his death. He was so attuned to the Force that he knew what would happen when he was taken down. on the wall

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