why do my deleted emails keep coming back in outlook

Emails are great because they allow us to discuss things in detail. While chat platforms really make it easy for us to discuss things, that doesn’t detract from the popularity of email much. : Why do my deleted emails keep coming back in outlook So far so good but unfortunately things can often take unexpected turns, such as emails that you deleted showing up. market back. With most other problems, there’s definitely a way out of this mess.

How to get rid of deleted emails being received again?

  • Try a different email client for better reliability
  • Disable problematic plugins
  • Delete the OST file and create a new one
  • Regenerate the OST . file
  • Empty the Recoverable Items folder
  • 1. Try another email client to improve reliability

    try MailbirdSome clients aim to make your work experience better. Outlook often gives you the tools you need to manage your workflow and work with your entire team. As a hardcore Windows user, you will probably want a bug-free desktop email client with powerful features.Mailbird – 2020 Most Popular Alternative Mail Award Winner Clearly mark most of the boxes you’re trying to find. It includes special features and integrates with WhatsApp, Gmail, Yahoo, to-do list, calendar and not only yours. -free.

    2. Disable problematic plugins

  • Launch Run dialog box.
    • To do this, hold Windows key + CHEAP keyboard shortcuts or alternatively, you can simply type Run inside Cortana search box and press Enter.
  • inside Run dialog box, type Outlook / safe and press enter.outlook mail safe mode
  • This will run Outlook in safe mode.
  • Read more: What is a leg day at the gym? (And why do people ignore it?) There may be some add-ins that can conflict with Outlook functions, leading to unexpected problems. Disabling such add-ons can help sort things out here. Next, you will be asked to identify the plug-in causing the problem and disable the same one.

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  • To do that, click File > Option > Add.
  • There you will find Manage Com-in Add. Click To go button next to it.
  • If any add-ins are listed, clear the check box for an add-in and restart Outlook and check if the problem persists.
    • The idea here is to find the plug-in that might be causing the error.
  • If so, repeat the step above with another add-in until you complete the goal.
    • If not, the wrong plug-in has been handled and you have solved your problem.
  • 3. Delete the OST file and rebuild a new one

  • Close Opinion if it is open.
  • Open Run window by pressing Windows key + CHEAP or type Run inside Cortana search box and press enter.
  • inside Run dialog box, enter the following and click ALRIGHT:
    • %LOCALAPPDATA% Microsoft Outlookdelete outlook data ost
  • Choose .ost file and press Delete or right click on it and choose Delete.
  • Sometimes there can be errors in the OST files, which can be another reason for a variety of problems with Outlook, including recovering deleted emails. Use the steps above to fix it right away.

    4. Regenerate the OST . file

    how to regenerate OST . file

  • Click File > Information.
  • Click Account settings. Afterward, double click above Microsoft Exchange.
  • Have Setting pop-up window appears. Click More settings.
  • Click Advanced > Install Offline Folder File.
  • Choose a location where .ost file will be saved and click ALRIGHT.
  • There may be an error message displayed. Click ALRIGHT. This will create a new ost file.
  • Click ALRIGHT > End.
  • Once you have successfully deleted the OST file, the next step will be to recreate it. Use the steps above in that regard.

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    5. Empty the Recoverable Items folder

    Now Folder of Recoverable Items is a purposeful design feature and is intended to help deal with a situation where, for example, your message has been deleted accidentally or by any malicious attempt. Retrieve mail to assist with litigation or investigative matters. Another point to note is that the Recoverable Items folder can only be emptied in the following cases:

    • Hold in place
    • Lawsuit, litigation
    • Restore an item that applies to a folder

    Read more: why is my cat peeing on me | Top Q&A Folders can be emptied in a few simple steps. Or else you should keep the directory as it is until it stays the same. For the former case, there is no Hold in place or Lawsuit, litigation in place or without has restored an applicable itemHere’s what you need to do to empty the Folder of Recoverable Items.The process is done through Windows PowerShell. So the first step is of course opening Windows PowerShell. Here are the steps: Right click Begin and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin).Alternatively, you can also enter WindowsPowerShell inside Cortana search box. From the displayed search results, right click above Windows PowerShell and choose Run as administrator.run admin rightsType the following command and press enter: Search-Mailbox -Identity “xxxx yyyy” -SearchDumpsterOnly -TargetMailbox “Discovery Search Mailbox” -TargetFolder “xxxxyyyy-RecoverableItems” -DeleteContent The above command will delete mailbox but will copy the content to another mailbox. If that’s not what you want, run the following command: Search-Mailbox -Identity “Gurinder Singh” -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent Is things better now? Don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments section below. Read more: Why does the mason perry wear a rosy ring

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