why do dogs bark at strangers

Video Why Do Dogs Bark at Strangers We all know strangers are dangerous, but why do some dogs take this warning seriously? They bark and continue whenever a stranger walks in their direction or looks in their direction. Some dogs do it on a walk, over a fence, or even from behind a living room window. There’s something about seeing strangers that makes them nervous. Before you can think about changing your dog’s behavior, you must understand why dogs bark at strangers in the first place. However, thanks to animal trainers and behaviorists, we can have some educated guesses as to why some dogs insist on barking at every stranger they see.

They are being territorial


Territory is a natural instinct of dogs. And some breeds have more territory than others. Bull Mastiffs, Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds are known for their territorial behavior. Even your trainer potatoes Pekingese can preserve a bit of their personal space. In the wild, letting an animal get too close can be punishable by death. Even today’s domesticated dogs are trained to recognize family and be wary of everyone else. barking is their top strategy to scare away intruders and protect their home.

They are on the alarm

Read more: Why can’t I group Facetime? Troubleshooting Guide | Top Q&Adog barking at strangersWhen dogs bark at strangers far from their cognitive range (for example, while walking or in a public park), it can be an alarm bark. Unlike territorial barking, alarm barking is common in dogs with gaps in their socialization training. If they don’t interact with unfamiliar people during the puppy stage and spend most of their lives with their family, they can feel anxious and stressed around people they don’t recognize. Will be aggressive with strangers if they come near. Sometimes dogs like to be tough to warn their family about a new person. And when the person is actually within petting distance, they calm down or avoid stressing the person. Try using positive reinforcement whenever strangers are around. With high-quality gifts or a favorite toy, you can show your dog that strangers aren’t as scary.

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They are afraid

dog barking at strangersThe extreme version of alarm barking is when dogs bark at strangers because they are so scared. In these situations, your dog feels extremely uncomfortable and their behavior can be unpredictable. A scared dog may eventually attack a person in needless self-defense. They may have been abused in the past or their lack of integration has been neurotic in the past and turned into extreme fear. Read more: What do different types of dogs sound mean? their body language while they bark. If the hairs on their nape and spine stand up, it’s a sign your dog is in serious condition. Also, look for drooping ears and a forced “smile” that exposes your dog’s back teeth.

They are very excited

Miniature Canva Dog walkerOn the complete opposite end of the spectrum, some dogs bark at strangers because they’re so excited! They love meeting new people and they like to say “Hello!!” for everyone they see. These cheerful baby mice use their barking to get attention. Some hope that by saying it out loud, their future best friend will notice them and come over. Others barked out of mild frustration that the person they were glad to meet didn’t want to play. This agitated barking pattern is especially common in puppies and young dogs. Certain breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and American Staffordshire Terriers tend to be almost overly friendly. They want to be everyone’s best friend and all that love can turn into barking, dancing, and whining. Simple training can help teach dogs impulse control. Show them that barking is not a way to make friends, but that sitting nice while a stranger approaches can get them attention. Found here!Why do dogs bark at strangers?Read more: Why soccer players don’t wear knee pads anymore

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