why do dogs scratch the bed

Why do dogs scratch their beds before they lie down? If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen the ritual that many dogs like to do before they lie down. They will scratch or rummage around the bed before napping. Sometimes a scratch can do a little harm and you can start to worry. There’s usually no need to worry, though. Dogs love to scratch the bed because it helps “scratch” the itch in their territory.

Scratching the head of the bed is a natural instinct


Dogs of all ages love to scratch their beds from time to time, whether they just scratch a little or a lot. Sometimes you can catch them scratching on the bare floor. This is usually a natural instinct.1 Reading: why dogs scratch beds The ancestors of this dog often scratched leaves and dirt in the wild to create a makeshift bed to sleep in. Moving leaves and dirt around helps to better hide them from predators. Their ancestors may also have scratched their beds in hot climates so they could remove the warm soil and grass at the top and burrow into the cooler soil below. They use glands on their paws to leave a scent that marks the bed as theirs.3 A bitch preparing to have puppies may also scratch as a maternal “nesting” instinct.

Stress or anxiety can increase scratching

If you bring in a new pet or something else that increases your dog’s stress levels, you may notice them scratching at the bed more. Sometimes, this habit can spread to anxious behavior when scratching no longer helps her relax. You can try distracting her from scratching with a more engaging toy, which offers a more fun alternative. If that doesn’t work, you may want to talk to your vet.

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Dogs circle before sleep for the same reasons

Read more: Why did Anko Mitarashi gain weight in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? Your dog’s ancestors often burrowed for warmth or to hide from their predators. Walking around also helps to wrap them more tightly with their flock so they can stay warm on colder nights.4

Good bed linen can help

While a new bed won’t eliminate scratching behavior, it can sometimes help your dog feel more comfortable and reduce it a bit. Or try a variety of beds, finding the one that works best for your puppy. Consider using a self-warming bed, raised cot, or memory foam bed. If you think your dog is too warm, try a cooling bed. You can also try adding blankets in the sleeping area so that they can get into the burrow more easily and quickly feel more comfortable. Test different textures of blankets to see if one makes your dog feel more comfortable. A freshly laundered bed can make him scratch even more if you don’t have his scent blanket to add to it. Read more: How to fix YouTube lag | You might also consider placing the bed in a darker, quieter area if your dog is scratching from the stress of nearby activity. An enclosed bed, such as a Pet Cradle or Self-Heating Hut, can give children a greater sense of security. Some dogs prefer a thick pad in an enclosed kennel, so that’s another option to consider. If it’s a bit out of hand, a new bed or a new blanket can help your dog feel more comfortable so they can relax again. News about 6. “Why do dogs scratch the bed?” 9 Oklahoma, October 13, 2019, topqa.info/story/5e6fc912f86011d4820c3a65/why-do-dogs-scratch-their-beds.2. Buzhardt, Lynn. “Why do dogs turn their heads before lying down?” VCA Hospital, topqa.info/know-your-pet/why-dogs-turn-around-before-lying-down.3. News on 6, topqa.info/story/5e6fc912f86011d4820c3a65/why-do-dogs-scratch-their-beds.4. Buzhardt, Lynn, topqa.info/know-your-pet/why-dogs-turn-around-before-lying-down.Read more: Is graffiti illegal? Graffiti Explanation / Street Art | Top Q&A

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