why do demon hunters wear blindfolds

Video Why do demon hunters wear blindfolds World of Warcraft: Legion, the latest expansion pack for the age-old MMORPG, is slated for release at the end of the month. To prepare, Blizzard has released a pre-launch patch that gives players access to their newest character class: Demon Hunter. As always happens with a new class, everyone wants to create one right away to try it out; If you’ve already created an account and have some lingering questions, or you haven’t and want to know more about them before diving in, here are the five most important things you need to know. BlindfoldsWorld of Warcraft: Legion is scheduled to release on August 30 for PC and Mac.

1. Demon Hunter was first conceived for Burning Crusade


Blizzard first considered adding Demon Hunters to the game in 2007 when they released Burning Crusade, the first World of Warcraft expansion. However, World of Warcraft: Legion game director Tom Chilton told IGN in an interview in Gamescom that, “at the time, we weren’t really ready to add more layers to the game. We feel like we’re still trying to strike a balance in class. They also didn’t want to create the expectation that there would be a new class for each expansion, so instead, they decided to focus on adding two new races: Blood Elves for the Horde and Draenei. for Alliance. He then went on to add, “Since then, there has been no natural fit until now.” Additionally, Chilton and Senior Art Director Chris Robinson told Gamespot that Blizzard has also been planning a return for Illidan since Burning Crusade. One of the first clips the player is shown after the creation of the Demon Hunter is the raid on the Black Temple, followed by the raid that “ends what happened right after the raid ended.” . Legion not only ties together the many loose storylines surrounding Illidan, but it also gives Blizzard the perfect opportunity to finally deploy the Demon Hunter class.

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2. Players are limited to one Demon Hunter per Realm

WoW Legion Five Fast Facts Demon HuntersRead more: Floating and Sinking Similar to the Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King, Demon Hunters are a class of heroes. Basically, this means that they start at a higher level than the standard classes and have prerequisites to unlock them (i.e. having a character at a particular level on the realm). In particular, Demon Hunters require a level 70 character on the realm, and starting at level 98 means that by the end of the starting quest sequence they must be level 100 and ready to take on the new Legion content. Death Knights are first added, players will be limited to only one Demon Hunter per kingdom. However, since players can now switch between majors at the touch of a button, this is no longer as restrictive as before. Also, if you’ve filled all of your character slots on a particular field or haven’t had a character at 70, don’t worry – it’s not just Legion that will add another character slot to Demon Hunters, which Blizzard will also give each player a free boost to level 100 for a character of their choice.

3. Demon Hunter has unique character customization features

Five Fast Facts Demon Hunter LegionDemon Hunters are only available to two races in World of Warcraft: Blood Elves and Night Elves. Playing as a Demon Hunter, however, opens up unique customization options beyond the standard Night Elf/Blood Elf race features. These options include horns (or no horns) style and pattern, tattoos, skin variations, and blindfolds. According to Demon Hunter legend, they ritually blind themselves and wear blindfolds to cover their eye sockets. Illidan burned his eyes with magical fire, and the Demon Hunters seem to do the same to gain Spectral Sight, which allows them to see enemies even while crossing obstacles. and agility; as such, they only had proficiency in cloth and leather armor. This allows them to use their agility as a means of defense instead of being weighed down by mail or disks. energy bar as opposed to energy, rage, or energy. They also have wings that allow them to glide, although they are not as customizable as their other features.

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4. Demon Hunters heal with the souls of their enemies

Read more: Chapter 3 – Shooting SkillsDemon Hunter Legion Five fast factsThere are two specializations for Demon Hunters: Havoc and Vengeance. They are DPS and Tank Expertise, respectively; There is no healing parameter for Demon Hunters, but they have the ability to heal themselves. It’s not exactly a healing spell, but both specs have a passive skill called Shattered Souls, which consumes shards of Souls (sometimes created from killing enemies) to heal. Restores 25% of Demon Hunter’s maximum health. If the enemy is a Demon, the Demon Hunter will also gain 20% damage for 15 seconds. these healing spheres. This is great for dungeons and quests when there are multiple enemies but unfortunately doesn’t help much in single target raids. However, players will earn other healing abilities once they reach level 110.

5. Demon Hunter is the only class that uses Warglaives

Fast facts about World of Warcraft Legion Demon Hunter 5While this is not the first time Warglaive has been seen in World of Warcraft (Night Elf guards use Moonglaive, for example), it is the first time they have been used by player characters. While Demon Hunters can also wield daggers, fist weapons, one-handed axes, and one-handed Swords, they are the only class that can use Warglaives. Their artifact weapon is also Warglaives. Two-handed one-handed weapons are another way in which Demon Hunters maximize their speed and agility in battle; not even tank expertise has the ability to use shields, which is an interesting style pick by Blizzard. However, they can temporarily transform into a demon to increase their health. It looks like the developers are choosing to get rid of a lot of damage and healing specializations that don’t make sense for the class, so they’re really putting in the effort to create a tank that fits the concept of multiplier. their object. Read more: what is ecotourism and why is it important | Top Q&A

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