why is my car leaking water

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my car leaking?”, you don’t have to expect the worst. There are common causes of cars leaving water stains underneath after parking, and most are nothing to worry about.

  • In most vehicles, the air conditioning system generates a significant amount of water vapor during normal operation, and this condensate usually escapes near the rear of the engine compartment.
  • You’ll also often see standing water near your vehicle’s exhaust, but this is almost always exhaust condensation, which is normal.

Indeed, when you notice a leak, the biggest worry is that the liquid isn’t water at all! The experts at our easy-to-contact service centers in Bloomington, Morton and Peoria are available to help you resolve your issue quickly.

Why is my car leaking water? – Define the reason


Read more: Why lamar kills stains Once you’ve ruled out the common causes above, there are some simple steps you can take to pinpoint the problem at home:

  • Identifying liquids on concrete can be difficult. Put a paper white paper or cardboard under the leak for a better picture.
  • If the liquid has no color, it’s just water and you probably shouldn’t worry. If the color shown on the cardboard is blue, green, yellow, or some other color, you may be concerned.
  • A small amount of water coming out of your drain may just be condensate. But if there is a lot of water, along with a large amount of white smoke, you may have blown a gasket. A blown gasket causes the coolant to burn with your fuel.
  • If your leaking fluid has an odd color, it’s most likely coolant. We can help you identify liquids based on color, but you can also test different liquid levels to be sure. Less liquid can lead to long-term damage, so you’ll want to get to a service center right away.
  • A cracked windshield wiper fluid reservoir can also be the cause of a leak. If water gets into the windshield wiper fluid and then freezes, the reservoir can crack and leak your fluid to the ground. In these cases, the fluid will be light blue or light green and it will collect around your front tire.
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If the cause of the leak underneath your car is anything other than water vapor condensation, you’ll be best served by a quick visit to one of our service centres.

Is your car leaking water inside?

What if you notice your car has a water leak inside the cabin? In some cases, a car leaking water in the cabin can indicate a problem with the A/C. However, that is not always the case. Water can enter the vehicle due to a poorly installed windshield, an old sunroof, excessive corrosion, or damaged body seams. If your car is leaking water due to A/C, here are a few possible causes.

  • Drainage system of evaporator is clogged
  • Leaking evaporator core
  • Defective plastic or rubber seals in the A/C system
  • Why is my car leaking water? – Color guide

    Read more: why conversion games are so expensive | The top questions & feedback we’ve noted above, color can be a useful indicator when you’re trying to figure out why your car is leaking. The best way to check for color is to place white cardboard or thick paper underneath the leak underneath your car. Then compare the color displayed on the paper with this reference guide:

    • Dark / Neutral
      • Dark brown – Brake fluid or older engine oil
      • Light brown – Newer engine or gear oil
    • Warm color
      • Red – Transmission fluid or Power steering fluid
      • Orange – Transmission fluid or Radiator Coolant
      • Pink – Power steering fluid or Transmission fluid
      • Yellow – Radiator coolant
    • Cool color
      • Green – Antifreeze from the Water Pump, Pipe or Radiator, or Windshield Wiper Fluid
      • Blue – Windshield wiper fluid
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    Once you know what the problem is, you can search for service coupons and special offers before booking service with Sam Leman Automotive Group.

    Visit Sam Leman Automobile Corporation in Bloomington, Morton, Peoria for servicing

    Now that you have some answers to “Why is my car leaking?”, you should have a better understanding of whether the leak is a serious problem or just a common occurrence. like condensation. If you suspect that your vehicle is leaking something other than water, make sure to bring it to a Sam Leman service center near you. While you’re fixing the leak, we can also teach you how to identify cooling system failure, what to do when your car overheats, use premium or conventional gas, and let you know. Why is tire pressure so important? No matter how big your problem is, you can contact Sam Leman Motor Corporation to get back on the road immediately.

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