why do cats scratch around their food

I bet you’ve noticed your cat nibbling or scratching around her food before or after eating it. Although some cat parents believe she does it because she doesn’t like her food or hides it to eat later, the reasons for that behavior are quite different. And even though it may seem weird, there’s nothing wrong with your cat if it behaves that way. The question is, why do cats scratch?

Reason #1: Your cat hides the smell of its food


Cats are obligate carnivores, and they must hunt for food while in the wild. Hunting and eating in portions, they forage for leftovers and need to be hidden so that other predators cannot detect their presence there. In doing so, she wanted to mask the scent because it could warn predators that she was there.

Reason #2: She protects the kitten

If you have a female cat with kittens at home, her reason for burying food is that she wants to protect her kittens from other predators. As is the case with its own scent, a cat tries to prevent others from discovering a kitten is nearby.

Reason 3: You feed her too much

Read more: why do cats bite me when I sleep | Top Questions & AAs covered, cats scratch leftovers. If you notice a cat burying her food, it could be a signal that they’re eating more than they can handle. to bury it. As a responsible and loving cat parent, you need to control the amount of food your cat eats to prevent unwanted behaviors, obesity, and other health problems.

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Reason 4: She tries to keep her space clean

Another reason cats bury food may be their inherent orderliness. Most cats are creatures with a passion for cleanliness, so they go to great lengths to keep themselves spotless and keep their habitats clean.

Should you stop your cat from scratching?

Scratching or scratching around food is not harmful in itself. It is instinctive behavior of cats to stay safe and hide traces of their presence from other predators. In fact, some cat owners even find such behavior endearing. Top Q & AA Another pair of shoes is when your cat damages your furniture or carpet while scratching, or you just consider these actions annoying. If that’s the case and you want your cat to stop scratching your food, here are some steps to help you manage.

What can you do to prevent this behavior?

  • After the cat has finished eating, put the bowl away so the cat won’t get scratched. If feeding with wet food, please rinse the bowl immediately and do not return leftovers: Wet food will spoil quickly.
  • Also, make sure your cat has free access to clean water to maintain the moisture balance in their body. It will be difficult for her to scratch around it, and you will help her prevent many health problems by doing this.
  • Once you see your cat start scratching, try distracting them with a cat toy and play with them.
  • Do not let your cat eat all the dry food until the cat has eaten it all. Otherwise, you’ll be encouraged to scratch. Instead, limit servings to one meal so your cat doesn’t have leftovers to bury.
  • Place food on surfaces that can’t be damaged by your cat’s claws and remove their food bowls from items they might use to cover their meals.
  • If you like free feeding or simply don’t want to serve cat food at all times of the day, consider buying a puzzle cat feeder for your cat. It will encourage her to “hunt” for a meal and distract her from scratching.
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And no matter what, please don’t punish your cat for scratching or gnawing on its food. It’s her natural, harmless behavior, and she won’t understand why you’re punishing anyway. problems with cat behavior. By punishing your four-legged friend for scratching, you may be breaking the bond that’s been built between you and your pet, which won’t be easy to regain.Information about the Authors:Jimmie OJimmie O’Chutt is an avid cat lover who runs topqa.info, a blog about living with cats and making life fulfilled for both owners and their four-legged friends. Jimmie has also created a CatPet YouTube channel where you can find games for your pet to play. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing computer games, and spending time with his Maine Coon Ronnie. Read more: why adidas is better than nike | Top Q&A

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