who is the worst free throw shooter in the nba

Free throws will always be a basic necessity in the game of basketball, and in a competitive league like the NBA, any advantage a team can use to win a game must be exercised. presently. Usually, teams leave a good amount of points on the free-throw line, and it can be the deciding factor in many NBA games.

The 5 worst free throws in NBA history


In the history of the tournament it is common to see some players, even superstars, struggling with their free throws, especially the big boys who don’t have great free-kick skills. As for the free throw rate in the NBA, a player must make 125 free throws in an 82-game season, which is an average of 1.5 per game. For a career, a player must have taken 1200 free throws to qualify for the free throw percentage. Without further advice, let’s get started.

#5 Johnny Green

Of the players with 1200 free throws taken during their regular-season NBA career, Johnny Green ranked fifth worst in league history with a free throw rate of 55.3%. and made 2335. He played in the league from 1959 to 1973 and was originally drafted by the New York Knicks with the fifth pick of the 1959 NBA Draft. Read more: Who is the best starting pokemon in emeraldAfter seven year with the Knicks, in which he made three All-Star games, he played for the Baltimore Bullets, San Diego Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Cincinnati Royals and Kansas City-Omaha Kings. All-Star Game.

#4 Shaquille O’Neal

OOne of the greatest players in league history, Shaquille O’Neal lacks just a tiny bit of touch at the free-throw line, mid-range and long-range shots. Still, he remained a force to be reckoned with and won four NBA championships despite his glaring weakness in free-throw. O’Neal is also the primary target of a tactic known as ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ which involves placing him in a key position so the opposing defense can stop his team. ‘Shaq’ has made 5935 free throws in his career out of 11252 attempts. Four-time champion with the LA Lakers (three) and the Miami Heat (one), O’Neal also won three finals MVPs with the LA Lakers, a regular- MVP of the season and numerous other awards and honors, including 15 trips to the All-Star Game and 14 all-NBA tournaments.

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#3 Wilt Chamberlain

Hey.Like O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain is an unstoppable force in the paint and he scores with ease against his opponents, and the many goalscoring records he possesses are clear proof of that. there. However, one of the all-time greats is also a lousy free thrower with 51.1% of his shots from free throws. Chamberlain made 6057 free throws in 11862 attempts during his 14-year NBA career with the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and LA Lakers. the game will always stand out as seemingly unbreakable records.Read more: who is cardi b tommy boyfriend | Top Q&AHe is also a two-time NBA champion, four-time MVP and finals MVP, and was selected to 10 All-NBA teams.

#2 DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan #6 of the Brooklyn Nets.DeAndre Jordan has been an NBA player since 2008 and he’s an effective big man even today, after his prime has passed. defending the defensive perimeter, and his poor free-throw ability. Jordan has taken 47.4% of the free throws throughout his NBA trajectory, he has made 1657 free throws in 3,493 attempts and has also been the subject of a ‘hack’ strategy in the post-season. Jordan had four seasons where he took 40% fewer shots from the penalty spot, and eight seasons he shot under 50%.

No. 1 Andre Drummond

Drummond shoots a free throw in 2019.Andre Drummond is a coveted player in today’s league and he is likely to play for a contender after he settled his current status with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Drummond’s place with a contender would be because of his definite resilience and ability to score goals. perform. Drummond has only taken 46.7% of shots from the foul line since entering the tournament in 2012, he has taken 3023 free throws and only 1411.Also read: Top 5 NBA players with the best shooting formRead more: Heather Hunter | Top Q&A Avatar

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