Who Does Four End Up With After Tris Dies

Tobias “Four” Eaton

Damaged items

Tobias experienced an identity disaster after an identity disaster in Allegiant. We misjudged the number of crises (crisis?) he faced in the e-book. He finds out he’s not a Divergent. He discovered he was “genetically damaged”. He has points with Mom and Dad anyway. He benefits some extra attributes. And he makes some really silly choices that end up killing a friend. Oh, and his girlfriend dies, however that is at least near the end of the e-book. Read: Who will end up with four after the three die Tobias “fears [his] considerable killing ability” (23.62), and he wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this frenzied energy of his. He wouldn’t want to be a revolutionary like Tris: “I’m not sure I want to dedicate myself to […] solve human problems. ” (2.23). However, when he finds out that he’s genetically broken, he’ll be furious with society that did this to him. He teams up with Nita’s small rebel group to not shed light on humanity’s problems, however to commit an act of revenge. He won’t understand that this probably won’t fix something. He will not change to undamaged simply killing a bunch of individuals. Read more: Who’s the Woman in the Murder When Nita’s plans go awry, a bomb blast puts Uriah in a coma and he eventually dies. Good. Add “conscience” to all of Tobias’ various inner problems. He can say this by apologizing to Uriah’s family, however simply because killing won’t damage his genes, apologizing won’t bring his friends back. Perhaps that loss was a warning to Tobias not to let his anger control him.

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Two halves of the whole

One factor that Tobias is certain of is the fact that he loves Tris. The right way to really handle this love…it’s just another challenge. He and Tris fought identically over and over again throughout the e-book: Tobias always consulted Tris but then completely ignored it. Tris isn’t too pleased, both, realizing that this loss of life could have been prevented if Tobias had simply listened to her. However, Tobias couldn’t get it with his thick skull: “I’m wondering what bothers you more, that I made a stupid decision or that I didn’t make your decision ” (33.98), he said. (Really, that’s a very good question. Tris can’t see longer, right?) Regardless of being mad at him, Tris loves Tobias, it doesn’t matter. She understood that he was not what society labeled him: The rogue, the traitor, Four. He’s simply being himself, and that’s great. She told him this, just before she died: “That’s what you deserve to hear […] That you are whole, that you are lovable, that you are the best person I have ever known” (41,51). Read more: who is kathy bates married to | Top Q&AW When Tobias lost Tris, he almost drank a flashback serum to brainwash himself. How can he continue? Tris is someone who cherishes him for who he is. Or so he thinks. Fortunately, Christina reminds him that this is not true. He has friends who love him (at least the ones he doesn’t accidentally kill), and he also has a family. . Earning by means of life is hard work. And it is the hard work at each end that leads to reconciliation between Tobias and his mother, Evelyn.

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The pull of the father or mother

Perhaps having Evelyn round was one of the factors that kept Tobias going. It’s not easy to have two cruel fathers and mothers, as Tobias puts it: “What do you do when your parents are evil? […] Get new parents” (40,57). In Allegiant, Tobias completely dismisses Marcus because of the despicable slime he makes, and he won’t really feel dangerous about it, either. We don’t blame him, however life AT (after Tris) could be more difficult for Tobias if he needs to be away from his father and mother. In the act of closing the e-book, Tobias approaches his mother with a deal: drink a flashback serum and reset your self, or give up your energy and do what’s best for the market town. Surprisingly, she opts for the latter, removing her central desire for governance and putting the best of the town — and her son — first. As Evelyn hugged him, he said, “I can’t move, I can’t speak. She chose me. She chose me” (48.58). In the epilogue, he helps Evelyn, his mother, transition to the outdoors in town, and he’s ultimately in a position to mourn Tris’ absence by scattering her ashes across town. All with a little support from his friends. Read more: Who is the woman in the crest ad

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