Who is Perseus in Black Ops Cold War?

The Black Ops Cold War campaign sees players on the hunt for a new big bad guy. Individual U.S. intelligence agents have been spreading rumors about Perseus throughout this era in history. No one is sure if Perseus is a Russian group, organization, individual or for that matter, even real. People. Persues is depicted as a Soviet agent whose goal is to destroy the West. He is the main antagonist of the campaign.

Who is Perseus in Black Ops’ Cold War?

Read more: Betty Who Bio | Top Q&AWarning: The spoilers for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are ahead.During the Black Ops Cold War, Perseus was a codename. He is believed to be the leader of an international ring of Russian secret agents. The mysterious Soviet intelligence agent is said to have leaked information about the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. It prompts the main characters, such as Russel Adler and Frank Woods, to try to stop him once and for all. times and forever. There are several endings to Black Ops’ Cold War campaign. Before these people were chosen, it was found out who Perseus really was.Photos via ActivisionRead more: Who is dating Jacob Sartorius? | Top Q&A Player’s character is codenamed “Bell” regardless of the profile the player fills in. It turned out that Bell had improved his mind. Bell was one of Perseus’ agents. Adler injects him with some kind of truth serum that causes the player to relive some of the implanted memories.Photos via ActivisionBell reminisces about some moments from their true past, including their encounter with Perseus. This is what Adler was looking for. Perseus is said to have the ability to reach many nuclear bombs placed under several cities in Europe. The plan was to detonate these bombs and blame the Americans for putting them there. Regardless of the ending chosen, Perseus lives on beyond the end of the game. Read more: Will Morgana finally become human in Persona 5: The Royal? Avatar

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